The North Las Vegas Alliance of Concerned Citizens held its first meeting of 2019 on Tuesday, February 12 at the Aliante Library. A brief summary follows.
Secretary Jeff Alpert gave some opening comments, mentioning that residents can take advantage of various emailing opportunities the city offers. Through the city website one can sign up to receive emails from police, fire, and the city's public information officer. The city also emails out city council and planning commission agendas as well as quarterly councilperson newsletters. Jeff also gave details of a recent treasure hunt at Kiel Ranch Historic Park for a buried 1976 time capsule. Unfortunately it was not found.
Planning Commissioner George Warner was in attendance to give a brief elevator speech. He is running for city council in Ward 4.
Resident Don Schaefer was able to give us an initial homeowner update on what was happening in Carson City as the new legislative session is now underway. He talked about how residents can stay informed and how HOA's can help support a lobbyist that works on their behalf.
Our featured speaker was North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee. North Las Vegas is now the third largest city in Nevada. The mayor has removed himself from all regional boards so he can focus his remaining two years in office strictly on topics related to our city. He reviewed how serious our issues were when he came into office and how far we have come back to health. Improved bond ratings are helping our city save tens of millions of dollars. His two main goals have been to diversify the incomes of our residents and to raise home equity. A new focus will be on homelessness. Our city will be working with Catholic Charities to develop transitional housing on about three acres of land adjacent to Jerry's Nugget Casino. Mayor Lee was also able to announce that a new museum will be coming to the old Washington school. The new library next to it will be opening this year. A large Cinco de Mayo celebration is also in the works. Mayor Lee said he is also focusing on improving the conditions of many of our east to west roadways. Brand name restaurants and major companies will continue to make investments in our city. Announcements will be coming soon. The mayor fielded many interesting questions from the 40 odd residents in attendance. We thank the Mayor for his appearance and support he gives our organization.
Wrapping up the evening was Tracey Farage from Neighborhood and Leisure Services. She reviewed many of the upcoming events that will be happening at Craig Ranch Regional Park. There will be a major event at the park every weekend through the spring and the fall. Also, about $400,000 of new playground equipment has been installed at Nature Discovery Park in Aliante.
Our next Alliance meeting will be on Tuesday, March 12, 2019 at the Aliante Library at 6 p.m.  Our featured speaker will be Kerrie Burke, General Manager of the Aliante Casino and Hotel. She will be updating us on how her property is doing and what might be coming in its future. We also hope to hear from the many candidates running for city council in Wards 2 and 4.
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary


North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations

and Concerned Citizens