Below is a summary of our April 16 monthly meeting held at the Aliante Library.

Don Schaefer was on hand to give us an update on all the bills making news up in Carson City related to HOA's. Ten of 18 such bills have survived and have passed out of committees for further consideration. AB 31 would add the requirement of fingerprinting for community managers as well as folks that do reserve studies. AB161 would allow for a "no pets" clause in the CC&R's of new communities. AB335 would allow home resale packages be good for up to 90 days and set a maximum charge of $330 to either the buyer or seller (not both). AB393 would not allow a foreclosure to occur during a state government shutdown. SB117 would allow HOA's to change any discriminatory phrases in their CC&R's without a community vote. SB212 deals with procedures for the towing of illegally parked vehicles. SB251 calls for the creation of a special state committee to review requests to change existing golf courses to other purposes. SB392 would move the Ombudsman's Office from the Real Estate Division to the Attorney General's office. One very controversial bill is still alive. There are over 2600 HOA's in Clark County. AB369 would totally do away with the superpriority policy that allows HOA's to collect up to 9 months in owed assessments when a unit is sold. Concerned residents can go to to view bills and leave comments. Click on "Nelis" on the right side of the screen to get started. Don will return in May to give us additional updates.

Ender Austin from Congressional District 4 gave us information about Congressman Horsford. It is recess week and the Congressman will be in town. He will hold meetings with constituents, police departments, and school officials. A town hall meeting relating to social security will be held on April 23 from noon to 2 pm at the Doolittle Senior Center (1950 J St.). On April 24th at 2:30 pm another town hall meeting will be held concerning criminal justice reform on the fifth floor of the North Las Vegas City Hall.

Our featured speaker was Serafin Calvo, the director of the North Las Vegas Parking Services Division. Serafin spoke last fall when his new department was still in the early organizational stages. It began operation in January when only warnings were given. After lots of publicity the division started issuing tickets in early February. The department now has four officers out in the field and is functioning 7 days per week. To date they have issued 2587 citations, 1500 warnings, impounded 95 abandoned vehicles, and wrote 1219 parking tickets of which 1158 have been closed. While hated by those receiving citations, the folks calling in requests are most pleased with the division. Requests are addressed within four days maximum. Serafin feels that the services his team can provide can lead  to an improved "quality of life" for residents. Property values can increase, residents get full market value on their homes when they sell, and crime and graffiti can decrease. Tickets issued are now considered a civil infraction rather than criminal. The Volunteers in Police Service (VIPS) are now authorized to assist by issuing tickets for handicap parking violations. Serafin's department still has room to grow and will hopefully be allowed to add personnel in the future. Serafin can be reached at (702) 633-1526 or by email at .

We thank our speakers. Our next Alliance monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 6 pm within the Aliante Library.


North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations

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