Our monthly meeting for June 18, 2019 is being cancelled. We do not meet in the month of July due to summer travel plans and the heat. Our next scheduled meeting will occur on Tuesday, August 20, 2019. We hope you have a wonderful summer. See you in August

 Our Alliance meeting of May 14, 2019 had an excellent attendance of about 40 people.
Alliance Secretary Jeff Alpert began the meeting by giving an update from the office of Congressional District 4. Congressman Horsford, in office for just over four months now, has made progress towards accomplishing his primary objective of lowering the costs of prescription drugs. His Spike Act has advance through committee with a bipartisan vote of 40-0. It will end price gouging by forcing drug companies to justify any large price increases for any of their products. To date the Congressman and his team have participated in over 600 outreach meetings and have attended more than 100 community events.
Shelly Alexander, Aliante librarian, gave us a report on the latest activities at the branch. The One Stop Career Center is now operational and servicing residents seeking job assistance. It is open Monday through Friday and offers training classes, bus pass and child care assistance, as well as helping veterans. Reading programs for children and adults will be available this summer.
Tracey Farage of Parks and Recreation attended and spoke of current activities related to our parks. The Nature Discovery Park just unveiled its updated playground equipment. Hundreds of folks attended the ceremony that displayed the outcome of the $400,000 Capital Improvement Project. The city is working on projects to improve Valley View and Petitti Parks that will result in new shade structures and resurfacing. By the end of the year, the city anticipates the implementation of an automated irrigation system for 25 of the city's parks. It would allow for remote control of watering that will save water on rainy days as well as help identify leak issues. On June 22 there will be an 8-hour waterslide event at Craig Ranch Park. Five dollars will buy an all day pass for the slides. Otherwise admission will be free and food trucks and music will be available. Three new park positions will soon be filled that will greatly help with weekend park cleanups.
Don Schaefer returned to update us on HOA related legislation making its way through the current legislative session in Carson City. Of the original 18 bills it appears that six will go through. AB369 that is controversial and associated with foreclosures is still being discussed and slightly modified. Don will return in June to share what happens.
We invited both candidates involved in the Ward 4 city council race to talk. May 14 was candidate Pete Shield's birthday. He was hoping to attend but decided to spend his special day with his family, especially his 90 year-old mother. Councilman Richard Cherchio did speak, outlining why he is seeking support in his reelection campaign.  He has been knocking on many doors to sense the pulse of residents as to what is on their minds. Crime seems to remain an important issue. Many are pleased that our city is reinvesting in our public parks. The general election is on June 11.
Our featured speaker was North Las Vegas Chief of Police Pamela Ojeda. She has been chief for close to 6 months and has been on the force for almost 24 years. The chief discussed her Problem Solving Unit which is able to deploy out in the community and attack specific issues. Homicides are down from last year. Chief Ojeda will soon meet with County Commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick to discuss possible funding for deployment of an expensive system in North Las Vegas that can locate where the sounds of gunfire might have originated. Seizure funds continue to go to fighting crime. Patrols will be stepped up over the summer when students are out on vacation. Her department currently has 34 vacancies. Qualified recruits are hard to come by. Recruiting is now occurring at military bases. Between 13 and 15 new graduates will soon be out on patrol. Our city's participation on numerous multi-jurisdiction task forces allows for greater resources to fight crime in NLV. Chief Ojeda explained the purpose of the 10-week Citizens Police Academy, offered twice per year. Citizens can be exposed to the training that our officers go through and what a day out in the field is like. Chief Ojeda is hoping that within two years her department will be fully staffed. Our attendees asked numerous questions covering many topics. They were most appreciative that the chief gave direct answers and was even taking notes. We thank Chief Pamela Ojeda for her presentation and support of our Alliance.
Our next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, June 18 at 6 p.m. at the Aliante Library.


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