The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held a monthly meeting on November 13 at the Aliante Library. A summary follows.
Forrest Lewis, Director of the NLV Library District, was on hand to give us a summary of various library programs. The One Stop Connections program is running smoothly at the Alexander branch and will be coming to the Aliante branch in the future. Residents can take classes and receive assistance in job seeking. The library has received additional computers as well as a 3-D printer. The STEAM program will offer a class on November 29 from 4 to 5 p.m. Forrest also announced that the new downtown library branch will have its opening in the second quarter of 2020. Hopefully it will be open six days per week.
Our featured speaker was NLV Fire Chief Joe Calhoun who has been on the job for about one year now. He was able to update us on many aspects of his department. Captain Cedric Williams, who also served as the public information officer for the department, has retired. Chief Calhoun is getting his department more and more to have a presence on social media. He mentioned that the fire stations are averaging about 90 runs per day in total. Much attention was given to a discussion of the way NLV deals with calls for ambulances and how it provides a source of revenue for the department. Personnel from Nellis AFB participate in ride-alongs with NLV fire units to gain training and experience.  Once 1500 building permits have been taken out for homes at the Villages at Tule Springs, the developers will be paying for the addition of a fire station in the region. A Safer grant that covered the cost of hiring 18 new firefighters will soon be ending. Revenue from the 40% of ambulance calls done by the city (Medic West handles the other 60%) will supply revenue to keep the firemen on. Currently the department has 175 personnel with 161 actual firefighters. There are 12 new firefighters graduating next month. The city has eight fire stations with four older city ambulances. One new $240,000 ambulance has been approved and two older ones will be refitted at a cost of $140,000 each. Chief Calhoun also discussed holiday safety concerns such as deep frying turkey, electrical wire fires, and knocking hot pans or pots off the stove. The Chief mentioned that a federal grant has allowed the department to purchase 1200 smoke detectors to distribute to residents. Finally, the department plans on continuing its station pancake breakfast open houses next year.
Also speaking at the meeting were Kelley and Peter Guidry from the Forgotten Not Gone organization. They assist veterans to deal with issues of depression, drug addiction, and suicide by keeping them active through the use of riding trikes and other unusual vehicles. They recently participated in the downtown Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade. They now have over 40 trikes, two long 40 foot containers, and a 24 foot long box truck. They brought along two of their vehicles that will allow for advertising displays to show us. With the assistance of Billy Alt (a vet and a local realtor), they were able to relocate to a new property on which they can live and store all of their units.
We thank our speakers for presenting and answering numerous questions. We do not meet in the month of December. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 15 at 6 pm when we will have NLV Mayor John Lee as our principal speaker. Happy holidays to all!
Submitted by Jeff Alpert


North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations

and Concerned Citizens