We hope everyone has had a good start to the new year. We will be having our first meeting of 2019 on Tuesday, February 12 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Aliante Library, 2400 W. Deer Springs Way, just east of Aliante Parkway.
Our featured invited guest will be North Las Vegas Mayor John Lee who will discuss what the city has achieved over his six years in office and what lies ahead for his final two years. Please bring questions you may have for the Mayor.
We will have an update about local parks activities. Also, hopefully, we will have information to share concerning HOA issues being addressed by the current state legislature which is just getting underway.
Kindly mark your calendar for next Tuesday, February 12th at 6 p.m. We hope to have a nice turnout. See you then. Thanks.

​The first meeting of the new year for the NLV Alliance of Concerned Citizens will be on Tuesday, February 12th. We will not be having a meeting in January. The honorable Mayor John Lee will be our principal speaker on Feb. 12th. Please mark your calendar. We hope you had a nice holiday season and wish everyone the best for the new year. See you on February 12.

​The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held a monthly meeting on November 13 at the Aliante Library. A summary follows.
Forrest Lewis, Director of the NLV Library District, was on hand to give us a summary of various library programs. The One Stop Connections program is running smoothly at the Alexander branch and will be coming to the Aliante branch in the future. Residents can take classes and receive assistance in job seeking. The library has received additional computers as well as a 3-D printer. The STEAM program will offer a class on November 29 from 4 to 5 p.m. Forrest also announced that the new downtown library branch will have its opening in the second quarter of 2020. Hopefully it will be open six days per week.
Our featured speaker was NLV Fire Chief Joe Calhoun who has been on the job for about one year now. He was able to update us on many aspects of his department. Captain Cedric Williams, who also served as the public information officer for the department, has retired. Chief Calhoun is getting his department more and more to have a presence on social media. He mentioned that the fire stations are averaging about 90 runs per day in total. Much attention was given to a discussion of the way NLV deals with calls for ambulances and how it provides a source of revenue for the department. Personnel from Nellis AFB participate in ride-alongs with NLV fire units to gain training and experience.  Once 1500 building permits have been taken out for homes at the Villages at Tule Springs, the developers will be paying for the addition of a fire station in the region. A Safer grant that covered the cost of hiring 18 new firefighters will soon be ending. Revenue from the 40% of ambulance calls done by the city (Medic West handles the other 60%) will supply revenue to keep the firemen on. Currently the department has 175 personnel with 161 actual firefighters. There are 12 new firefighters graduating next month. The city has eight fire stations with four older city ambulances. One new $240,000 ambulance has been approved and two older ones will be refitted at a cost of $140,000 each. Chief Calhoun also discussed holiday safety concerns such as deep frying turkey, electrical wire fires, and knocking hot pans or pots off the stove. The Chief mentioned that a federal grant has allowed the department to purchase 1200 smoke detectors to distribute to residents. Finally, the department plans on continuing its station pancake breakfast open houses next year.
Also speaking at the meeting were Kelley and Peter Guidry from the Forgotten Not Gone organization. They assist veterans to deal with issues of depression, drug addiction, and suicide by keeping them active through the use of riding trikes and other unusual vehicles. They recently participated in the downtown Las Vegas Veterans Day Parade. They now have over 40 trikes, two long 40 foot containers, and a 24 foot long box truck. They brought along two of their vehicles that will allow for advertising displays to show us. With the assistance of Billy Alt (a vet and a local realtor), they were able to relocate to a new property on which they can live and store all of their units.
We thank our speakers for presenting and answering numerous questions. We do not meet in the month of December. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 15 at 6 pm when we will have NLV Mayor John Lee as our principal speaker. Happy holidays to all!
Submitted by Jeff Alpert

​The NLV Alliance held a monthly meeting on Tuesday, October 16. A summary follows.


Two candidates were present to give quick elevator campaign speeches. Jimmy Vega is running for NLV Constable. He is a Clark H.S. graduate and served 4 years in the Navy. He also served in Operations Desert Storm and Desert Shield. Currently he serves in the Navy Reserves as a Chief Petty Officer. He has been in the insurance business for some 23 years and has almost 10 years experience as a deputy constable. He has the qualifications to perform the duties required of a constable. He explained the functions of the Constable's office and how it operates at no cost to the city.


Also seeking office and speaking was Mary Kay Holthus, running for judge in District Court, Department 18. She has 27 years experience as a prosecutor in the district attorney's office. She has lived in Las Vegas over 27 years and has been involved in over 150 felony jury trials.


We heard from Tracey Farage with the city's department of parks and recreation. She gave us an update of the many events happening in our city over the next few months. On Saturday, October 20th there will be two events at Craig Ranch Regional Park. Harvest Fest will be from 2 to 6 pm and is free to the public. There will be games, music, entertainment and food options available. Also scheduled that day will be the Notes of Autumn musical event that will feature 14 school

bands in the Amphitheater. It is also a free event. Looking ahead there will be the Great Taco Feast and a Golf Ball charity event. The park will also be looking forward to new athletic fields, a perimeter road, and additional paving. It is a massive park of some 170 acres. Tracey also mentioned that the Nature Discovery park will be receiving an overhaul with $400,000 on new play equipment coming by January for the children's play area.


Don Schaefer was on hand to discuss the upcoming 2019 legislative session and how residents of NLV can stay informed. The Buck-A-Door program continues to pay the salary of a lobbyist to support homeowner and HOA issues.

 Our first guest speaker was Heidi Swank, Executive Director of the Nevada Preservation Foundation which has its office inside the Historic Washington School. The organization is five years old and supports the recognition of historic homes, buildings and neighborhoods. They offer many walking and bus tours of historic areas in the valley. During October they are offering many walking tours of Woodlawn Cemetery. There is a new program called Revolving Fund which works on refurbishing empty homes in impoverished areas to get them back on the market. Heidi outlined programs that the city of NLV can get involved in to help preserve its historic sites. First, the city can pass a historic preservation ordinance which would allow it to designate local historic areas and buildings. Then it could seek Certified Local Government status through the State Historic Program Office which would allow the city to apply for state grants of federal funds. Only 5 governmental entities in Nevada currently have such status. Finally, the city could participate in the Main Street Program of the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Funds are offered to support older downtown areas so vacancy rates are reduced, people are drawn in to an attractive area, and an enhanced identity is developed. Heidi's organization's website can be reached at nevadapreservation.org.




Our second guest speaker was Johanna Murphy from the city's planning department. She spoke about two topics. First she discussed the new Deer Springs District. A Livable Centers Study is underway thanks to a $250,000 RTC grant used to hire consultants. A "livable district" is planned for a 2.5 mile stretch of Deer Springs Way, from Commerce to Pecos that will also stretch 1/2 mile north and south. The goal is to create an area of residences and businesses that will offer multiple options of transportation, increased business activity, and healthy lifestyles. Currently that area only has a tiny population of 30 folks with an additional 700 coming to the region to work. The goals for the project are to increase land value, develop resilience, improve connections to outside areas, create a medical district, and give the area a unique look with character. There will be a variety of restaurants, parks, and trails along with art and attractive signage. A resident survey is available on the city's website. Johanna also discussed the new 2018 City-wide Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan. The city is seeking resident input on where they would like to see additional bike paths and pedestrian trails.

Thank you Heidi and Johanna for very informative presentations.


Our Meet and Greet candidate event at Sun City Aliante on Monday, October 15th was very successful. The campaigns of 29 candidates were present. For the first time we had media in attendance. The Review Journal and the Associated Press sent reporters and Showtime's program "The Circus" had a film crew covering the event. We thank Sun City Aliante's HOA for their support and cooperation.


Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, November 13.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

​The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held a monthly meeting on Tuesday, September 18 with about 30 folks in attendance.


A summary of the meeting follows:


One candidate, Laura Perkins, was present to give a quick "elevator speech". Laura is running for University Regent in District 1. She reviewed her qualifications and background. She is holding a meet and greet on September 27th at 521 S. 7th St. from 5 to 7 p.m.


We heard from Judge Kalani Hoo, Chief Judge of the NLV Justice Court. He discussed the history of his successful Community Court program for young adults which started back in 2014. The next graduation ceremony will be on November 28 in his courtroom.


Forrest Lewis, Director of the NLV Library District, gave us a review of things happening with our libraries. He discussed fund raisers being held at local restaurants. He also was very excited about new online data bases now available to residents with library cards. One called Universal Class offers over 500 free online classes, many of which are continuing education certified. Another, Nevada Career Explorer, offers information about careers in our state. It can even create a budget for you based on information you input. A third called Reference USA will soon be up for approval by the Library Board of Trustees. It will offer a huge amount of information on businesses and related demographics. Forrest also announced that the library district now has its own page on Facebook.


We were pleased to have representatives of both sides of Question 3, the Energy Initiative, give presentations. Speaking for the NO position were Devlin Daneshforouz (Outreach Director at the Coalition to Defeat Question 3) and Maria Dent (Nevada State Director of AARP). Speaking on behalf of the YES side was Bradley Mayer (Spokesperson for the Yes on 3 campaign). Both sides had time to present their positions.


Some of the highlights of Devlin's presentation:


-- initiative will be disruptive and cost Nevadans billions of dollars

-- the initiative will be locked into the Nevada Constitution and would be difficult to reverse

-- local control of electricity would be reduced

-- legislature would have 5 years to implement the details of a new competitive energy market

-- future uncertain for residents with solar roof tops receiving credit from NV Energy

-- bills could increase during first 10 years

-- new companies could offer different plans for consumers, but NV Energy would still control distribution and power lines

-- Public Utilities Commission would still control prices

-- Nevada prices are now 17% below the national average


Maria added:


-- AARP remains nonpartisan in races but does weigh in on issues (voice of consumers)

-- rural areas very concerned as they rely on cooperatives; who would offer service?

-- consumer rates would increase

-- seniors would be very vulnerable to deceptive practices


Bradley's key points for the YES position:


-- initiative would break NV Energy's electricity monopoly

-- allows state legislature to establish the new energy market

-- creates open and competitive market

-- offers consumers meaningful choices

-- encourages solar and wind energy market

-- rural cooperatives still a viable option

-- allows businesses to choose provider

-- prices over time will decrease due to competition and choices

-- NV Energy could opt to still be a provider of electricity

-- legislature will build in consumer protections

-- electricity in Nevada will remain reliable


After their presentations there was ample time for many audience questions. It was very obvious to all how well educated the speakers were on the initiative. Respectful back and forth debate took place. We thank Devlin, Maria and Bradley for taking the time to educate us on their stances related to Question 3.


Our next monthly meeting will be on Tuesday, October 16th at the Aliante Library at 6 pm. The day before on Monday, October 15th we will be holding a large meet and greet candidate event at Sun City Aliante's Community Center from 6 to 8 pm. Currently we have 28 candidates participating. Visitors will have sufficient time to circulate in the Vista Room and talk to the candidates running in races of relevance to NLV residents. The event is free and open to all. We encourage you to bring your sample ballot. Please mark your calendar. Early voting will commence on October 20.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

​Our NLV Alliance meeting of August 23, 2018 had an attendance of about 40 people. There were three candidates running for office present -- Tyrone Thompson (Assembly District 17), Laura Perkins (State Regent District 1), and Daniele Monroe-Moreno (Assembly District 1). Each gave a brief "elevator" campaign speech.
We had two main speakers. We first heard from Serafin Calvo, the director of the newly organized NLV Parking Services Divison. After retiring from 25 years of service with the City of Las Vegas, Serafin moved on to the city of North Las Vegas to lead this new division. His presentation demonstrated his great enthusiasm for his new duties. Once up and running, his unit will tackle parking and vehicle concerns in our communities, parks, school zones, and commercial areas. Serafin will be working under the leadership of Gina Gavin, Director of our city's Economic Development department. Working on vehicle problems throughout our city will result in safer communities and improved real estate values.
This new division will lower the burden on our courts and police as tickets will now be civil and not criminal (they will be handled internally and not go to warrant). Hopefully, the city's app will be revised so residents can report vehicle concerns to the city. Serafin would like to see his new unit up and running by late this year or early 2019 by the latest. It will begin with three full time officers addressing issues city-wide.
Our second guest speaker was Congressman Ruben Kihuen (Congressional District 4). The Congressman has been in office for about 19 months and will not be seeking reelection. He spoke on how he focused on local issues. He reviewed the four topics of most importance to him. The first was the advancement of the new I-11 freeway corridor. Eventually Las Vegas will be connected to Phoenix which will help with commerce. The first stretch (2.5 miles) recently opened near Railroad Pass and Boulder City. Also a concern for the Congressman has been the battle against Yucca Mountain. It is an ongoing fight to prevent it from going forward. A third and very important topic of concern for him is the whole immigration issue. He is pro reform and for uniting families that have been separated at our southern border. The final issue of concern for him is the topic of gun control. He has spoken often in Congress about the need of responsible gun ownership and the ban of bump stocks. Unfortunately none of his bills have even had a hearing.
We thank Congressman Kihuen for presenting at our meeting. He has served almost 2 years in Washington, D.C. representing Nevada in addition to serving 10 years in Carson City in our state legislature. We wish him well in his future endeavors.
Our next Alliance meeting will be on Tuesday, September 18 when we will have speakers representing both sides of Proposition 3 (the energy initiative). Also please mark your calendars for Monday, October 15th when we will be holding a large candidate meet and greet event at Sun City Aliante's Community Center (6 to 8 p.m.)
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held a monthly meeting on Thursday, May 31 at the Aliante Library. A brief summary follows.
We had a update from both librarian Patrick Hinricks and library director Forrest Lewis. The two-month summer library program for all ages is about to begin. By early July the "One Stop Career Center" at the Aliante Library will be up and running. The new library branch in downtown NLV will be open to the public in about 18 months. A fourth branch is being proposed for a location near the VA Hospital. An effort is being made to locate and lock up a site for the building. It is hoped that funding for the structure can be secured from the corporate world.
Lianne Costello from Congressman Kihuen's CD4 office gave us an update. The one term Congressman still has 6 months left in office. He will be making himself available to attend local functions. His office is still open every weekday on the fifth floor of the NLV City Hall, operating with a reduced staff of three team members. They are there to help NLV residents.
With early voting underway, we had three candidates ready to give "elevator speeches". We heard from Laura Perkins (running for University Regent, District 1), David Gibbs (running for Congress in District 4), and Jon Martin (running for NLV Constable).
Our President, Bob Mersereau, gave a report on our successful candidate meet and greet event held on May 23 at Sun City Aliante's community center. It was well attended and 37 candidates were in attendance. There will be another planned candidate event in October for the general election.
Our invited guest speakers came from the NLV Police Department's Victim Services Detail. Presenting were victim advocates Laura Wiggins and Jan Lucherini-Cole. They discussed how they work hand-in-hand with police officers and detectives to assist victims of crimes such as elder abuse, child neglect, sexual assault, and domestic violence. They are able to assist victims with transportation to court as well as discuss resources that may be available for support. The often meet victims at local hospitals. Both also work closely with the NLV Constable's office. Laura and Jan were able to answer numerous audience questions. For questions or assistance, they can be reached at either 702-663-2412 or 702-663-1751.
Our next Alliance meeting will be on Thursday, June 28 at 6 p.m. in the Aliante Library.
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary



                   Unfortunately we must cancel our Alliance Meeting scheduled for the evening of Thursday April 26that the Aliante Library.

                   Our Candidate Meet and Greet event set forWednesday evening May 23 is still on.  It is scheduled to be held at the Sun City Aliante Community Center from 6 PMuntil around 8:30 that evening.  Mark your calendars; more details will be coming shortly.

                  Our next NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens meeting is set for Thursday May 31st at the library.


                   Bob Mersereau, President



For the last few years the NLV Alliance of Homeowners Association and Concerned Citizens has offered in conjunction with the Sun City Aliante Homeowner Association an opportunity for North Las Vegas residents to meet candidates running in local, state and national races in the primary election. This year is no exception. We have invited candidates from each level and we have 40 candidates committed to an evening to meet with local residents to discuss their goals and listen to the concerns of voters.

Individual tables are being provided for each candidate around a large meeting room so that visitors will be able to circulate and talk one on one with the candidates. Residents attending the event are encouraged to bring their voter guides to take notes in as they talk to the candidates. 





The event and parking are free. The meet and greet is open to all residents of North Las Vegas and surrounding areas.

It is a great time to share your thoughts and get your questions answered. Children are welcome.
Please share this with family, friends, neighbors, or anyone who might be interested.
The Sun City Aliante Community Center is located on the N. E. Corner of Elkhorn and Aliante Parkway, directly across Elkhorn from the Aliante Hotel and Casino. About a block north of 215. We hope to see you there. Direct any questions or concerns to Jeff Alpert at jalpert8@gmail.com.

Bob Mersereau

​Below is a brief summary of our monthly meeting held on March 27, 2018 at the Aliante Library. About 35 people were in attendance.
As we approach the June primary, we will be having numerous "elevator" speeches from a wide variety of candidates. There were four candidates campaigning at our meeting.
Laura Perkins is running for the University Regent District 1 office. She covered her qualifications and stressed that education is the first step out of poverty.
David Olson is also running for the Regent position. He reviewed his 34 year Army career and discussed the importance of leadership skills. He believes a Regent should not micromanage.
Jon Martin was present. He is running for NLV Constable. He retired from a 26 year law enforcement career. He has the experience and training to carry out the duties of the position.
Tyrone Thompson is running for reelection in State Assembly District 17. He was appointed in 2013 and is seeking a third term.
Our first regular speaker was Patrick Hinricks speaking about a variety of Library programs. There was a discussion about the plans for a new library on E. Lake Mead. The library is also planning in April to have a program where book fines can be forgiven for donated canned foods.
Angela Johnson, NLV Parks and Recreation Supervisor reviewed some upcoming city park movie programs. City pools will begin operation on May 26. Silver Mesa Rec Center will soon open its greatly expanded senior facilities that serves about 150 participants.
Don Schaefer joined us to review an issue with NRS 116. It contains two conflicting entries about who is responsible for paying awards levied against HOA's. One valley HOA is facing a large jury award to a family whose child was seriously injured in the collapse of a swing set on a common element parcel. Is each resident on the hook? The case is being appealed and the next state legislature will be encouraged to rewrite those sections of NRS 116. Don also discussed the Buck-A-Door Campaign that helps raise funds to pay the $60,000 salary of a lobbyist who fights for HOA causes.
Our featured speakers were Diane Keith from the National Parks Service (who is the Superintendent of the Tule Springs Fossil Beds National Monument) along with Jill DeStefano (who is President of the Protectors of Tule Springs). Diane discussed her growing staff. She now has a geo-scientist and a full time law enforcement officer. In May an interpretative ranger will be added and a resource manager is coming next summer. Roads, trails, and restrooms are a long way off. General management plans are being developed. Signage is being worked on and kiosks will be used for outdoor exhibits. Some fencing is being added and a Monument brochure is in the works. Jill also discussed the giant mammoth project and the Tufa Trail that will be developed.
Alliance Secretary Jeff Alpert gave a historical presentation about the second mayor of North Las Vegas, C.C. McDaniel. He served two 2-year terms from 1947 to 1951. He was a car salesman and did battle with the city's volunteer fire department. The department was eventually dissolved and a new city controlled department was installed. C.C. passed away at the age of 91 in 1972.
Councilman Richard Cherchio wrapped up the evening with a discussion about zoning issues relating to The Villages at Tule Springs.
Our next regular meeting will be on April 28 at the Aliante Library beginning at 6 p.m. Please also mark your calendar for Wednesday, May 23rd when we will be having a free Candidate Meet and Greet event at Sun City Aliante. It will begin at 6 p.m. and we are hoping to have around 40 candidates present to answer resident's questions.
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary



MARCH 27, 2018


Spring is arriving after a different Winter this past season.  We are looking forward an interesting March Alliance Meeting.

We are starting with an update from Jill DeStefano, President of Protectors of Tule Springs.

Jill will be introducing Diane Keith, the recently appointed Superintendent of our National Monument.

Between them they will bring us up to date on the recent tours and plans that are evolving over the next few months,  

which include some agreements the developers of the Villages of Tule Springs that have been in works for some time.


We expect that we will have brief “elevator speeches” from several candidates that want to represent voters of NLV.


In addition, several city departments will send representatives to give information concerning, recent, current and upcoming events.


Jeff Alpert, our Alliance Secretary and Treasurer, will continue his NLV series with a story about our second Mayor.


As usual, we expect to have at least one of our City Council members available to give us updates and answer questions.


Our NLV Alliance meeting is set for the Aliante Library,  2400 Deer Springs from 6-7:45PM, on March 27th.


Don’t forget to mark your calendars for our Candidate Meet and Greet at Sun City Aliante, Community Center May 23, 6-8PM



Bob Mersereau, President



JANUARY 23, 2018

           Welcome to a new year and our first meeting of 2018, following a month break to celebrate the Holiday Season.


               We will have a representative from our NLV Libraries Department give us an update of recent occurrences and upcoming events


           Our first guest speaker for the evening will be Leone Lettsome, Neighborhood Services Coordinator for the City of North Las Vegas. She will discuss how the city puts to use Federal Block Grants that we receive through the county. 


              Our 4th Congressional District will be represented by John Taing and he will provide information concerning recent and pending legislation.


            A representative from NLV Neighborhood and Leisure Services will discuss recent, current and future events for Silver Mesa, Craig Ranch and other events at our parks and recreation facilities.  We think there will be a lot of interest and questions about the China Lights currently at Craig Ranch.

              We expect that Jennifer Doody from our Public Works Department will give us an update on recent projects and an idea of those in the pipeline. 

             At least one of our City Council members will close out the meeting and appraise us of current and ongoing items and answer any questions.


             Our January meeting is set for Tuesday, the 23rd at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs Way from 6 to about 7:45 PM.



          Bob Mersereau, President

          NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens


The NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held its final monthly meeting of 2017 on November 28 at the Aliante Library. A brief summary follows.


First to speak was Forrest Lewis, Director of Libraries in NLV. He discussed the ongoing writer's program and book club meetings that are occurring within our libraries. He reviewed reading activities that are geared for kids as well as the upcoming Winter Reading Program.


Next to speak was John Taing, a District Representative from Congressman Kihuen's CD 4 office. The Congressman attended Aviation Nation recently and also volunteered at Catholic Charities during the Thanksgiving holiday. Congressman Kihuen has also participated in round table discussions about infrastructure and the proposed I-11 highway. In December he will be going with a congressional delegation to Israel.


Following John was one of our two key speakers, Fire Chief of NLV Joe Calhoun. Joe has been our chief for almost 4 months and is from Indiana where he was a firefighter and paramedic. He wants to be a visible chief and interact with groups and residents within NLV.  The Chief stated that fires are down nationwide thanks to ongoing improved fire codes and educational programs within schools. NLV has 8 fire stations. The department has 162 personnel with 12 new recruits currently in the academy. The developers of the Villages at Tule Springs will be covering the addition of a ninth NLV fire station within their development. The NLVFD currently has 4 female firefighters. Chief Calhoun answered numerous audience questions.


Peter and Kelly Guidry from Forgotten Not Gone made a brief appeal for public assistance in helping them find a new location to house their veteran's help organization. Their current landlord is seeking to sell the complex they currently are in and is asking all tenants to leave. They would love to get leads of a possible new building they can move to that is affordable or possibly even free of rent. They need to move by December 22.


Angela Johnson spoke on behalf of the Neighborhood and Leisure Services Department. She reviewed a recent toy drive and family assistance program. On Dec. 16th there will be a holiday event at Silver Mesa. All attending children will receive a toy. An event called China Lights is coming to Craig Ranch Regional Park from January 19 to Feb. 25. It will be its first time in our valley. Admission will be $20 for ages 18 to 59.


Tera Anderson was our next invited key speaker. She is part of the Economic Development team in the city of NLV. Their job is "to sell the city". They identify service gaps and try to target new businesses to come to NLV to improve quality of life. Tera reviewed what is happening in 6 different target zones in our city. Up in the Villages of Tule Springs along with Valley Vista to its west, some 12,000 housing units will be built. Some 3000 plus of those will be built soon. Numerous builders are currently breaking ground. In the Medical Job Creation Zone near the VA, the city is trying to recruit medical service businesses to the region. The BLM will be auctioning off numerous acres in the northeast part of our city in January. Amazon, Fanatics and other large companies have moved into the North Beltway Industrial Park where large scale speculative warehouse development is ongoing. Tera discussed the coming of infrastructure to the region. Future plans for Apex were also discussed. Finally the NLV Gateway downtown area was discussed. Tera answered many audience questions.


Finally we had the honor of hearing from City Councilman Scott Black. He was later joined by Councilman Richard Cherchio. Scott stated that Mayor Lee continues to be our city's greatest salesperson. He mentioned that on December 13 we will have more police recruits graduating from the academy. By next March, the force will be some 50 officers greater than it was a year ago at that time. Silver Mesa Recreation Center will be expanding, using recently obtained county funds. He noted that there seems to be more optimism in our city. Councilman Cherchio reviewed the efforts to establish a monument up at the top of the Villages of Tule Springs where there will be an entrance to the National Monument. An energetic  student named Tahoe is working on the creation of a giant mammoth replica made from scrap metal. It will possibly light up from within and be a great attraction. Both councilmen graciously stayed on to answer questions.


With no meeting in December, our next regular meeting will be on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.


We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and a happy New Year!


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary


28 NOVEMBER  2017


The November Alliance meeting is our last “scheduled” meeting for the year, because we typically forgo July and December.


One of our featured speakers this month will be Tera Anderson, one of our City of North Las Vegas Economic Development Officers who will

bring us up to date with the status of recent projects, those in process currently and those upcoming projects on the “drawing boards”.


As usual we are expecting updates both from our North Las Vegas Library staff and the  Neighborhood and Leisure Services,

probably better known to our city as “Parks and Recreation”.   There may be one or more presentations from another city department,

or some comments from one of our local businesses with an update.


Our next featured speaker will Captain Cedric Williams, who is the NLV Fire Department Public Information Officer,

who will introduce our new Fire Chief, Joe Calhoun. 


Finally, we will close out the year with our Ward 3 City Councilman, Scott Black,

  who will provide us an update on recent projects and their status. 

In addition, we expect him to appraise us about items of interest to our group that are forthcoming.


Our November meeting will be, Tuesday the 28th, from 6 to about 7:40PM at the NLV Aliante Library 2400 Deer Springs Way.




                 Bob Mersereau,   President

                 NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens





          The Fall season has arrived recently and it will be pleasant out in the evenings for a while.

          Our October North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowners and Concerned Citizens is looking forward to a rather interesting evening. 

         We are expecting updates from a few of our NLV city departments including our Libraries and our Neighborhood and Leisure Services.

As usual we are expecting information concerning recent and ongoing items of interest to our community from our Congressional District Office representatives.

Jill De Stefano, President of Protectors of Tule Springs was unable to attend but provided me with a list of activities scheduled for our National Monument that I will share with the group, so that you can take advantage of some of those activities.

         Jeff Alpert will be our featured speaker and will provide a condensed and updated topic “The Colorful History of Kiel Ranch”.

        We will have at least one City Council member in attendance to give us items of interest and to answer any questions that you may have.

         The October Meeting is scheduled for Thursday October 26th, at the NLV Aliante Library 2400 Deer Springs Way, from 6:00 to about 7:40  PM.


Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

The NLV Alliance held a monthly meeting last night on September 26th with about 30 people in attendance.


First to speak was Patrick Hinricks, librarian at the Aliante branch. He stated that the One Stop Workforce Connections program will begin soon at the Alexander branch. Residents will be able to get assistance with job seeking and resume preparation. Using grant funds, a program for kids is underway to teach computer coding. The Aliante library provides a setting for a successful ongoing private book club. A writing group also meets at the library twice a month.


Tracey Farage, from Neighborhood and Leisure Services, spoke next. She talked about a search that is going on at Kiel Ranch for the buried time capsule. Craig Ranch recently had the military appreciation event as well as the Pigs for Kids event to support child cancer fighting efforts. Craig Ranch Regional Park now has designated areas for ParaTransit bus stops. A VW car show and a USO 5-k run will be part of the activities happening at Craig Ranch this coming weekend. A walk is scheduled for October 7th and Blue Grass Festival on October 13th. There will be a Harvest Festival at the Silver Mesa Rec Center and the adjacent Flores Park on October 21st (lots of fun activities for kids; candy and entertainment). Finally, NLV is participating in the current round of grant seeking from the Southern Nevada Public Land Management Act. Our city is seeking funds to develop the recently acquired 7 acres next to Kiel Ranch Historic Park as well as the development of the proposed Millenium Park on E. Lake Mead near North 5th.


Tom Martens was our guest speaker. Tom is the Lead Officer of Code Enforcement in NLV. He was accompanied by his new boss, Alfredo Melesio, who is the NLV Director of Land Development and Community Services. Alfredo, on the job for about 6 months, spoke of his background from Joliet, IL and will hopefully return at a future date to discuss his myriad of job duties. Tom gave us an update on staffing for code enforcement and sources of funding. Graffiti removal is going well and more focus will soon come to our trail systems. City vehicles used for graffiti removal are being redesigned to make them more effective. The city has a phone app that allows our citizens to report code enforcement issues. The app relays GPS coordinates and photos can be included in a report. Tom was happy to answer many questions from our audience that covered topics such as abandoned shopping carts, squatters, bird waste in parks, and the city program to tear down abandoned homes in blighted areas.


A new representative from Congressman Kihuen's CD 4 office, Gabrielle Keys, attended our meeting and updated us on activities. The Congressman continues to return from Washington D.C. to Nevada every weekend to participate in events here in his district. Their office is busily working on arranging dates and locations for "Conversations with the Congressman" events. Gabby answered questions from folks, including one on the Congressman's position on protecting Gold Butte and the Basin and Range Monuments. We thank her for sharing with our Alliance.


We were happy to have Ward 3 Councilman Scott Black attend our meeting. He spoke of his experiences as a new council member and what his hopes are for his ward and our city. He graciously answered numerous questions from residents in attendance. Thank you Councilman Black.


Finally, I gave a presentation on the early history of NLV. Our city was founded in 1919 by a Libertarian from Utah by the name of Tom Williams. He bought land north of Las Vegas and began selling lots to folks at a discounted price compared to the going rate in Las Vegas. He gave free lots to churches and even sold many lots to bootleggers. Within the next few months you will be able to read the full story when it gets posted on our city's website. The city will also include the 6 articles I have written on the entire history of Kiel Ranch. Lots of photos will be included.


Our next two Alliance meetings are scheduled for Thursday, October 26 and Tuesday, November 28. If you are not on our email list, you can always go to our website, nlvalliance.com, a week or so before a meeting date to see our posted agenda.


Submitted by: Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary/Treasurer




Copyright © 2017 North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens, All rights reserved.
We send meeting minutes and recaps to concerned citizens that have attended our meetings.

Our mailing address is:
NLV Alliance
C/O Jeff Alpert
3828 Fuselier Dr
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AUGUST 24, 2017

                   We hope that everyone had a good summer and is fired up for the late summer and fall season.

                We are going to open our August meeting on a sad note because one of our key board members Michael Humphrey passed away on June 29th.

Our first key speaker will be Chris Maas, who will be the general manager of the new Amazon distribution facility to open soon in North Las Vegas.  He will  discuss their entire operation and will be able to answer audience questions.

 As usual we will have some of the staff from the NLV Libraries and also from our city’s Neighborhood and Leisure Services Department to review recent and upcoming services.   In addition we expect some of the non-city, community groups to provide us with similar topics and updates.
Our Congressman for CD 4, Ruben Kihuen, will be discussing his first six months in the office, some of his accomplishments and some of his plans and thoughts  for upcoming items that are in the works.

 Ward One Councilman Isaac Barron will be the representative from the City Council  this month and will give our group an update on recent, current and upcoming projects of interest to our group.

 This August 24th meeting will be at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs Way from 6-7:30 PM.


Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

Copyright © 2017 North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens, All rights reserved.
We send meeting minutes and recaps to concerned citizens that have attended our meetings.

Our mailing address is:
NLV Alliance
C/O Jeff Alpert
3828 Fuselier Dr
North Las Vegas, NV  89032
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As most of you know we usually skip a July and December meeting because of the vacations and celebrations during the holiday season. Therefore, this will be our last meeting until Thursday, August 24th.  We expect to cover a lot of the activities that are going to be available from city and community resources for our residents.


Debra Slot, PBS Director of Workforce Training and Economic Development, will give a presentation on the many community programs and services that her organization is involved in.  PBS is so much more than just a broadcaster of television shows.


One of the key persons in the Neighborhood and Leisure Services Department will go over recent items concerning our Cities Parks and Recreation  facilities.   They will cover the activities planned at Silver Mesa, Kiel Ranch, the various city parks and pools and the schedule for Craig Ranch events. 


Our city libraries have a host of activities set up for children, teens, young adults all the way through to seniors.  Some of activities have prizes available to those that reach certain goals.  Always remember they offer limited assistance with variety of our community needs.


We will have at least one representative from Congressman Ruben Kihuen, Congressional District 4 to cover recent and upcoming activities in our area that may be of interest to our residents.  He is expected to be active in our part of the district during their August break.


Don Schaefer, will provide us with a summary the legislation which was passed and some of which did not pass and how they will effect homeowners and homeowner associations.

We have asked Councilwomen Anita Wood to spend time with us and she has accepted.  I know many of you, like the Alliance, would like to thank her for the time and effort she has taken solving our personal and neighborhood or city problems, concerns and obstacles that have occured.  She has always been there for us. This will an opportunity to thank her and honor her service to City of North Las Vegas.  

The June meeting is set for Thursday, the 22nd at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs Way from 6-7:30 PM.



Richard Cherchio

North Las Vegas Councilman

Ward 4

The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held a monthly meeting at Aliante Library on Thursday, May 25, 2017. About 30 visitors were in attendance. A summary follows.
Our first speaker was Patrick Hinrichs, Aliante branch librarian. The library summer reading program for kids and adults will run from June 8 to July 31. There will be three levels of participation -- 0 to 11 year olds, teens, and adults. Participants will be eligible for a variety of prizes, with the Mob Museum being one of the program's sponsors. Ronald McDonald will be at the Aliante branch on June 8 at 2 pm to kick off the event. The following week he will visit the other two city library branches. On July 18 at 6 pm the Friends of the Library will have its annual meeting at the Aliante branch with light refreshments served.
Both candidates running for city council for Ward 3 in NLV attended our meeting and gave brief elevator speeches about why they are the best candidate for the office. Scott Black spoke first. He has lived in his home near Simmons and Tropical since 2000. He is new to politics and runs a small business. He used to be a UPS sales executive. He is married and has one daughter who is about to graduate high school and head off to college. He has been knocking on many doors discussing his visions for Ward 3 and our city. Incumbent Anita Wood spoke next. She moved to NLV in 1993. She has been a planning commissioner in NLV and has served on many city committees. She is currently the most senior council member, having served two terms. She helped create the Squatters Task Force in NLV as well as the Junior Leadership Program. She would like to see our city jail reopen and would like to restore our second municipal court room that was recently shuttered.
Lianne Costello along with an associate spoke next. They are from Congressman Kihuen's CD 4 office housed at our city hall. They can assist residents with problems related to the federal government, offering contact information and referrals. In August Congress will be on recess and the Congressman will return home. Hopefully town halls will be planned.
Next up was our featured speaker, Laura Hennum, CEO of the Dignity Health Neighborhood Hospitals that are associated with St. Rose Dominican. The first of four will be opening next month at the northwest corner of Craig Road and Camino Al Norte. The 3 story hospital was built in just about one year. NLV was chosen as the site for the first of four planned small format hospitals. The hospital will have an ER with 8 beds as well as 8 more beds for in-patients. The second and third floor will house doctors and medical services. The hospital will eventually have between 7 and 10 primary doctors. No surgeries will be performed. Patients with serious conditions will be transferred to other medical facilities. The ER will have board certified doctors supplied by U. S. Acute Care Solutions, which also works with UMC Hospital. There will be rotating specialists and the hospital hopes to not keep arriving patients waiting long periods of time before being seen. Construction wrapped up in late March and hiring and training began on April 17. A hospital administrator has been hired. The hospital's medical office space has been 41% leased so far. Each floor has almost 20,000 square feet of space. Laura fielded numerous interesting questions from the audience. Keep watching our website for details of ribbon-cutting and opening ceremonies.
Jill DeStefano from the Protectors of Tule Springs spoke after Laura. She stopped by to promote their new public awareness program called "I Am a Protector". It is just like a neighborhood watch program where local residents call in to report shooting, looting, camping, vandalism, off-road vehicles and dumping. Violators can be fined $350. The developers of the Villages at Tule Springs have agreed to install a two mile trail with parking and restrooms in a NLV segment of the National Monument.
We had resident Don Schaefer discuss the current legislative session going on in Carson City as it relates to HOA and homeowner concerns. About 15 such bills are being discussed, but luckily none of major concern. He reviewed about 5 bills of interest. If passed, one will require HOA's to notify residents within 30 days of any changes in community governing documents. Another relates to towing of cars. A third protects armed service members on deployment from having their homes foreclosed upon.
Tracy Farage, NLV recreation supervisor at Craig Ranch Park, provided us with an update of upcoming park activities. Numerous summer movies are being planned, with activities in all four NLV Wards being included. Residents can see all the scheduled events at our city's website. Just Google "city of north las vegas". City pool activities are coming up soon.
Finally we were graced with the participation of two city council members. Anita Wood remained to answer questions and she was joined by Richard Cherchio. Both discussed city crime, vet activities, new pet ordinances, and the need for medical services.They fielded numerous attendee questions.
Our next scheduled meeting will be on June 22, 2017 at the Aliante Libray beginning at 6 pm.
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

We are involved in two events this month that will affect the City of North Las Vegas and we are looking for community involvement.
On Tuesday, May 23rd from 7 to 9 PM there will be  a political forum held at Silver Mesa Recreation Center at the corner of Allen and Alexander. If you are a resident of Ward 3 we encourage you to come and meet the candidates running for NLV City Council in your Ward.  The forum is free and open to the public. It is presented by the NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens.
On Thursday, May 25th at 6 PM the Alliance will hold its May meeting at the Aliante Library on Deer Springs Way.  Featured will be two speakers associated with the  new Dignity Health Hospital opening soon at the northwest corner of Craig and Camino Al Norte.  They will discuss the facilities at the hospital and should be able  to answer questions about its operations.
In addition, we will have a representative from Congressional District 4 updating us on recent and pending bills at the National Level.
Our NLV Neighborhood and Leisure Services Department will be providing information on the parks and recreation activities. 
We will have an update on events and programs at our NLV libraries.  
Don Schaefer will be provide background and impact on current bills that have been passed and pending at our state legislature.
Following that Jill DeStefano, President of Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS), will go over recent occurrences and upcoming activities at our National Monument.
We are expecting to end the evening with at least one City Council person providing an update on recent activity in our city.
Bob Mersereau, President
NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

Our Alliance meeting on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 had a possible record attendance of about 45 people.


First to speak was John Taing, a field representative from Congressman Kihuen's CD 4 office. He discussed two recent Nevadan rural tours the Congressman recently conducted. Their office recently held an immigration forum. On May 6 there will be a Mesquite Day Parade that the Congressman will attend. Congressman Kihuen has introduced three bills so far this session -- one was a veteran's bill focusing on educational opportunities, another concerned job access in rural communities, and the third related to firearms.


Next to speak was Jaime Cruz, chief strategy officer of Workforce Connections. Federal legislation has established and funded some 600 local boards in the U.S. There are two in Nevada, one in the north and the other here in the south. Workforce Connections will be coming to both the Alexander and Aliante library branches in the second half of this year. One-Stop Career Centers will be opened at each library. Each center will deliver resources to our residents. Participants seeking training for job opportunities may also be eligible for transportation assistance, child care funds, and pay during training. The program will also assist seniors and vets seeking training or retraining for employment . It will train people for hi-tech employers. Service providers will be paid credentialed professional service providers. Their presence at the libraries should free up much needed time by regular staff members. Jaime answered many audience questions. He was most knowledgeable about the program.


Forrest Lewis, our North Las Vegas Director of Libraries, spoke next. He gave us an update of current and upcoming library programs. The libraries used grant funds to purchase 9 new computers to be used by children from ages 2 to 12 that will focus on literacy development and educational needs. The libraries are gearing up for their summer reading programs.


Following Forrest were our guest speakers from the Boyd Gaming company. Kerrie Burke who is General Manager of Aliante Casino and Hotel was joined by David Strow who is Boyd VP of Communications. Our Alliance was very happy that they agreed to talk to our group. Their appearance brought in many new faces to our meeting. Kerrie is a UNLV graduate and has lived in the area for 17 years. She helped open the Orleans Casino and also managed the Gold Coast Casino. She has held many positions with the corporation. She started at the Aliante property in September of 2016 after Boyd took over its operation. Aliante has 850 team members with six restaurants. David said it is Boyd's only 4-diamond property in Las Vegas. David also emphasized how Boyd seeks to be a good community partner here in NLV. They are also a big United Way supporter. Kerrie and David were well received and folks enjoyed their sense of humor. Many audience questions followed. We all wish Boyd Gaming great success in their operations at both Aliante and the Cannery.


Councilwoman Anita Wood was our final speaker. She discussed the latest developments in NLV. A ground breaking ceremony occurred last week on Cheyenne and Commerce for the huge Vegas Trade Village project. A new charter school is coming to our city. Nineteen new fire fighters recently graduated in a ceremony at Aliante Hotel. New police officers are currently in training at the Police Academy. Anita discussed Apex infrastructure as well as the financial situation of our city. The new Dignity Health Hospital on Craig at MLK should be opening in June (we are lining up a speaker from the hospital for our May meeting). Anita responded to many questions from our visitors.


It was a very informative meeting that was well attended. We thank all the folks who attended and spoke. Our next meeting will be on May 25th.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary 

The North Las Vegas Alliance for Home Owners Associations and Concerned Citizens (informally known as the North Las Vegas Alliance or NLVA), a not for profit organization, was created to expedite communication flow between North Las Vegas citizens and home owners associations, the leadership and city departments of the City of North Las Vegas, and developers and service providers within North Las Vegas. 

North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens
April 25, 2017
         Our next April Alliance Meeting will be featuring a couple of community changes that will effect a large number of North Las Vegas residents.   Boyd Gaming and Workforce Connection have been invited and accepted the invitations to make presentations about their changes and upcoming events.
         Kerrie Burke, General Manager of the Aliante Hotel and Casino, will be speaking about the many amenities the location has for its patrons as well as Boyd Gaming’s future plans for the property.  She will be accompanied by David Strow who is Boyd’s VP of Corporate Communications.
          We expect Don Schaefer to provide us with updates on the current condition of several State Assembly and Senate bills pending and those that did not make the cut  that affect our residents whether or not they are in an Homeowner Association.
           In addition we are expecting an update from our Congressional District 4 staff on events, legislation recently passed or pending of interest to our community.
           As usual we will hear about a variety of programs, activities and events planned by the city Neighborhood and Leisure Department and also from our  Library Department.
            Some things have recently happened to our North Valley Leadership Team and their non-profit group that will be covered by Lydia Garrett.
            Workforce Connections’ Executive Director Ardell Galbreth and Chief Strategy Officer Jamie Cruz will be joining us to talk about their upcoming valley wide partnership with Public Libraries to bring One-Stop Career Center services directly into our library branches.  Mr. Cruz will provide a presentation explaining the genesis and direction of the program,  and both will be available to answer questions.
            We will end the evening with one or more City Council members discussing and answering questions concerning recent and upcoming items.
            The meeting is set for the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 W. Deer Spring from 6:00 to about 7:30 PM on Tuesday, April 25th.
Bob Mersereau, President
NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

Copyright © 2017 North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens, All rights reserved.
We send meeting minutes and recaps to concerned citizens that have attended our meetings.

Our mailing address is:
NLV Alliance
C/O Jeff Alpert
3828 Fuselier Dr
North Las Vegas, NV  89032
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Our Thursday, March 23rd Alliance meeting at Aliante Library has been cancelled. Our meet and greet candidate event is still on for Wednesday, March 22nd at 6pm at Sun City Aliante's Community Center. Our next regular Alliance meeting will be on Tuesday, April 25th at the Aliante Library at 6pm.

Our February 16, 2017 meeting was well attended and we had a dozen speakers. A summary follows:


1. Gary Bouchard -- Gary has lived in NLV for 16 years and is running for mayor. He feels that city employees should live in our city and only well qualified people should fill management positions. He would like to see city council seats be full time positions. Gary is running on a platform of honesty and transparency.


2. Tracey Farage -- Tracey is recreational supervisor for NLV and works out of Craig Ranch Regional Park. Soccer season will begin soon and volunteer coaches are needed. Coming soon will be a paintball competition. Pirate Fest is scheduled for April and 8 movie events are scheduled at various NLV parks during 2017. Residents can access event schedules on our city website.


3. Jill DeStefano -- Jill is President of the Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS). Recently our city entered into a three-way agreement along with the National Park Service and the developers of The Villages at Tule Springs to create some two miles of trail in NLV near the Villages that will allow for hiking and use by the public. The developer is donating 15 acres of land that will allow for the trail as well as parking and bathrooms. It will be called TUFA Trail and hopefully work will begin on it this year. Jill pointed out that the Tule Springs National Monument will have to get by with an interim superintendent for the time being until the federal hiring freeze is lifted.


4. Will Crespo -- Will is a retired NLV police officer who was on the force for 25 years and is now running for city council in Ward 3. He is an Air Force veteran. His platform stresses reducing crime and boosting public safety.


5. Hector Rivera -- Hector is running for city council in Ward 1. He believes our city manager and city attorney should be elected offices. Will encouraged folks to visit his website (hectorrivera.org) to learn more about him and his platform.


6. John Taing -- John is a representative from Congressman Kihuen's CD4 office located in our NLV City Hall. The office will be holding an open house event on Friday, February 24th from 5:30 to 7:30 pm. If you wish to attend please RSVP to Kihuen.rsvp@mail.house.gov. Congressman Kihuen is introducing a bill to assist vets with community college tuition to help them eventually reenter the workforce. The Congressman will soon be back in Nevada to conduct a district wide tour.


7. Don Schaefer -- Don is a resident of Sun City Aliante who often updates us on legislative activity that affect homeowners and HOA's. He gave us updates on some current bills that have been introduced and how we can give our input on them. The website to go to is www.leg.stat.nv.us. Once uploaded, you will see on the far right a tab labeled NELIS. If you click on it a page will open that can allow you see what the legislature is working on. If you click on the "Bills" tab on the top bar, you will be directed to a page that lets you enter a bill number to read up on it. If you already have an opinion to share, you can skip these steps and on the homepage (again on the far right) click on the tab called "Share Your Opinion on Bills". You can select a bill by number and click on "for" or "against", then enter some information to identify yourself. That information can be saved to make additional opinions faster to submit. Don encouraged folks to vote on three bill as follows:  Against SB114 that would move the Ombudsman Office to under the Attorney General; For SB195 that would save HOA's money when elections for board members take place; and For SB161 that would help police oust squatters by requiring that leasing agreements be notarized.


8. Ray Kessler -- Ray is Acting Fire Chief in the city of NLV. He was our featured speaker. In 2016, Chief Kessler stated that the fire department responded to over 34,000 calls. About 80% were for emergency medical services, 10% were for fires, and 10% for other reasons. The Chief has lived all his life in NLV and has been on the force for 23 years. The city has received a two year federal grant of some four million dollars that will soon result in 21 new fire personnel joining the department. The office of Emergency Management is now housed within the fire department which will allow for additional grant opportunities for the city. A fire academy for citizens is being studied for possible implementation. Chief Kessler has been selected to attend a national institute training program for new chiefs that will allow him to expand his knowledge of fire department best practices.


9. Christian Gerlach -- Christian works for the Sierra Club here in Clark County and is a resident of NLV. He participates in many programs to educate the public about the use of public lands. He works with high school groups as well as students at UNLV. Sierra Club works to promote management and safe use of public land as well as clean up activities.


10. Lydia Garrett -- Lydia is president of the North Valley Community Development Corporation. They work on redevelopment activities in the southern part of NLV. In 2014 they became a non-profit organization. With the goal of allowing many small businesses and their owners to obtain manageable small loans, the group is soon opening (late March) the North Valley Regional Federal Credit Union. Their office will be located at the southwest corner of MLK and Alexander Road.


11. Forrest Lewis -- Forest, our director of the NLV Library District, reviewed three library programs ("Full Steam Ahead", "Lego", and "Nevada Reads"). CARE is a program that will help citizens review options for health insurance. Grant money is being sought by a group called Andson that would allow for a tutoring program at the city hall branch of the library system. The College of Southern Nevada is also seeking a grant that would add our libraries on as training sites.


12. Councilman Isaac Barron -- Isaac covered two potential downtown projects, one across from Silver Nugget Casino (retail center) and another in the downtown corridor (possible major medical group coming to town). Isaac is considering another small business academy this year. Last year's was successful as 7 participants actually started new businesses in NLV. Residents can currently view local student art work (from Rancho High School) for sale on display in the foyer outside council chambers at City Hall. The exhibit called "Express Art Show" will host a special event in early March. Councilman Barron is currently running for reelection in Ward 1. 


Our next monthly meeting will be on March 23rd at the Aliante Library at 6pm. The evening before (Wednesday, March 22nd) we will be co-hosting a free meet and greet event at Sun City Aliante in their community center building at the northeast corner of Aliante parkway and Elkhorn. We are inviting all 10 candidates running for offices in NLV. There are two candidates for Councilperson in Ward 1, five in Ward 3, and three running for mayor. The event will begin at 6pm and is open to all NLV residents. We hope to see you there. Thank you.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens
February 16, 2017
      Our February NLV Alliance meeting will feature the Acting Fire Chief, Ray Kessler who will bring us updates on recent activities and upcoming events concerning the NLV Fire Department.
      Following the Chief we expect to get to hear from Don Schaefer on what has transpired so far in the new legislature and perhaps some new surprises which generally occur at the start. 
      Representatives from Congressman Kihuen’ s CD 4, who are just getting started up, will tell us about events that our group should be interested in attending. 
      We will get our usual updates from Neighborhood and Leisure Services Department about events at the various parks and recreation sites. Next we will hear from the library staff some of the scheduled changes upcoming and current events.
      Lydia Garrett, President of the North Valley Leadership Team, with whom we work with, will bring us an update on their North Valley Federal Credit Union opening at the end of March.   Anyone who lives in North Las Vegas may join the Credit Union.  Our group has been invited to the Ribbon Cutting for the Credit Union, Saturday the 11th of February, at Hidden Canyon Plaza, Suite 103, 3925 N. Martin Luther King and Alexander Road starting at 2 PM and going to 4 PM.
      We have offered the candidates for the 3 offices in the April 4th election an opportunity for a 5 minute “elevator Speech”.  A “Candidate Meet and Greet” for the upcoming election is in the planning stages for late March at the Community Center at Sun City Aliante.
       Christian Gerlach, from the Sierra Club will give us  information on some of the items that should be of great interest to our group.
        Jill DeStefano, President of Protectors Tule Springs (POTS) will discuss opening part of Grand Teton and the planned Trail Head, the first into our National Monument.
        One or more of our City Council members will bring us up to date on recent areas of interest and answer any questions.
        The meeting is scheduled on the 16th at the NLV Aliante Library starting at 6 to 7:30 PM. 
Bob Mersereau, President
NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens


Our NLV Alliance had its first meeting of 2017 on Jan. 12th.
We began with a brief appearance by Judge Kalani Hoo. Judge Hoo was recently named chief judge of the Justice Court located at MLK and Carey. He was saddened by the tragic death of NLV police officer Chad Parque who lost his life after leaving the court's location. Services will be next Tuesday.
Don Schaefer was next to speak. He reviewed possible upcoming state legislation related to HOA's. The next session begins on the first Tuesday in February. There may be a bill introduced that will do away with the HOA super priority lien that allows HOA's to collect up to 9 months of dues. Don would like to see banks pay HOA dues for properties in foreclosure. If super priority liens disappear, banks should offer HOA's something in return for lost dues. Don reviewed three potential bills he would like to see introduced this upcoming session -- one to allow amateur radio operators to have antennas on their property, a second to offer HOA's disaster assistance, and a third at the federal level to allow middle income earners to deduct up to $5,000 for association dues.
Next up was Michael Prentice, an executive with Cracker Barrel restaurants. His presentation was well received. Cracker Barrel entered the Las Vegas market last year, opening open locations adjacent to Silverton Casino and near the Cannery on Craig Road. He brought along his general and retail managers. Cracker Barrel offers a friendly and warm environment with home-style comfort food and a general store. They have 640 locations in 42 states and do 2.6 billion dollars in revenue. The company started in 1969 and went public in 1981. Here are some of the interesting facts about Cracker Barrel shared by Michael:  72,000 employees; headquartered in Tennessee; 300 million biscuits per year rolled by hand; 13 million pounds of chicken tenders per year; 121 million slices of bacon; 220 million eggs; 56 million pancakes; and 37 million portions of grits. Our audience "ate" up these facts. Peg games are also on every table. The corporation has no franchises. The two locations in Clark County are meeting or exceeding expectations. Each location has lots of authentic items on its walls, of which about 5% pertain to the locale of the store. Michael fielded many interesting questions from the audience. We looked forward to hearing about Cracker Barrel for a long time, and we thank Michael for his lively presentation. 
Forrest Lewis, our director of the NLV libraries, outlined many activities coming up. On January 23 our mayor and his wife will conduct a story time for kids at the Aliante branch. On January 24 the Aliante branch will have a Medicare Assistance program and there will a meeting of the Library Board of Trustees at NLV City Hall. On January 31, the Friends of the Library will meet at Aliante library at 5pm. On February 1 there will be a presentation at the NLV city council meeting about the Workforce Connections program. On February 8 the Aliante branch will be offering health plan selection assistance. On February 18 our libraries will be participating in "Nevada Reads" where folks throughout Nevada meet and discuss one chosen book. Libraries will also be soon offering tax preparation assistance.
Following Forrest was Tracey Farage from Neighborhood and Leisure Services who discussed city-wide upcoming parks activities. From roughly March 11 to November 19 there will be events at parks every weekend. The city is currently working on fund raising to help make many of those events free to residents. In April there will be the Pirate Fest at Craig Park. Eight movies are planned, 2 in each of the four city wards.  In May, there will be Patriot Fest. An exciting new event is being planned for New Year's Eve at Craig Park. It will an all day family event with viewing of the ball dropping in NY at 9pm followed by a fireworks show.
As most of you know, Ruben Kihuen has replaced Cresent Hardy as our new Congressman in CD4. We introduced Lianne Costello and Kevin Schmidt from Congressman Kihuen's office. The Congressman has leased the same office at NLV City Hall that Congressman Hardy used. They are currently moving in and will have an open house sometime in February. Lianne and Kevin talked about what is going on in DC about the Affordable Health Care Act. We will continue the tradition of having a representative from CD4 being invited to each of our meetings to discuss what is happening on the federal and local level that has an impact on our residents.
Wrapping up our evening was a presentation by NLV Mayor John Lee along with Councilwoman Anita Wood. Anita discussed that on the second anniversary of the Tule Springs National Monument in December it was announced that our city entered into a partnership with the National Monument and the developers of the Villages of Tule Springs to develop a trailhead for use by the public. The trail will have parking, kiosks, and restrooms. Anita discussed the sad loss of detective Parque. Members of our city's police department along with other city employees have offered to cash in sick time to turn in to a cash donation to the Parque family. A blood drive in his name is also being organized. City offices will be closed next Tuesday to allow for attendance at Officer Parque's memorial service and funeral. Mayor Lee discussed a recent bus tour of NLV held for area realtors to expose them to everything the city has to offer. The mayor has two goals -- to increase property values and diversify the income of NLV families. A sizeable development is coming soon to the old pig farm area which will be annexed to the city. It will be called Sedona Ranch and house homes, retail stores, and at least one school. Adjacent property values will experience a bump up. The mayor also announced some new establishments coming to town soon. Adjacent to Raising Cane's on Craig Road will be a Café Rio, an optical business, a new pizza restaurant, a new burger establishment and a Texas Roadhouse Grill. Adjacent to the new Dignity Health Hospital at MLK and Craig will be a new Starbucks. Mayor Lee also mentioned that the city recently voted to eliminate one of our two city courts that will save the city money. If needed, the court could be restored in the future. When the mayor came into office over 3 years ago our city was some 156 million dollars in the hole and now only about 22 million. Apex is developing with Faraday Future and Hyperloop One. Mayor Lee and Councilwoman Wood then fielded numerous audience questions.
Our next Alliance meeting will be on Thursday, February 16 at the Aliante Library at 6pm. Our featured speaker will be Ray Kessler, our new NLV Fire Department Chief. Please mark your calendar.
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

JANUARY 12, 2017

         Welcome to 2017 and we are looking forward to a very important year with many things on the horizon.

         Our first presentation of the evening will be by Michael Prentice, Vice President of Cracker Barrel Restaurants.   We want to welcome him and Cracker Barrel as new members of our community.   We had  originally met Michael at the ground breaking early last year and invited him to visit our group as many of our residents were excited about Cracker Barrel making entrance into the Nevada restaurant market. Many of our residents have never been to one and had heard about them and were very interested in their arrival here in North Las Vegas.

         Michael will be followed by some of our local City Departments.   Cass Palmer, NLV Director of Neighborhood and Leisure Services will give us updates of the various activities and events upcoming  in the parks and recreation facilities around our city.   In addition, we would expect to hear about some upgrading at Kiel Ranch and  at Craig Ranch Regional Park.  Forrest Lewis, Director of the NLV Libraries with provide us with some upcoming changes in a couple of the libraries and let us know about the scheduled programs and activities for the beginning of the year.  In addition, we may hear from some other groups that are providing services to our community.

         We have asked Mayor Lee to be with us once again and inform us of changes since his last visit.   He will discuss recent projects and those about to come off the “drawing boards” that  are anticipated to make significant contributions to our community.  As always I am sure that our audience will have a lot of questions for him concerning many items.

           Anita Wood, Ward 3 councilwoman,  has graciously agreed to attend and we expect her to discuss city issues and concerns.

          The Alliance Meeting will be from 6-7:30 PM at the NLV Aliante Library, located at 2400 W. Deer Springs, one block east of Aliante Parkway.

          Let’s have a big turnout to start the new year


Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

Our Alliance held its final meeting of 2016 on Thursday, November 10. About 25 people were in attendance.


Our first speaker was Patrick Hindrichs who gave us an update on our libraries. The Library Board of Trustees is soon expected to approve a working relationship with Workforce Connections. They will open one-stop employment training centers at both the Aliante and Alexander Library branches. People will be on site to assist folks with job searches and resumes. The program will be state funded. Patrick also announced that new computers have recently been installed at the Aliante and Alexander libraries for public use.


Our second speaker was Vince Variale, CEO of North Vista Hospital. He was accompanied by Susan Olson, his Director of Business Development. North Vista is currently the only operating hospital in North Las Vegas. It is 60 years old and has undergone renovation. Interior remodeling has occurred, the building has been painted, and a new sign installed. The parking lot has been repaved and new landscaping is going in. Additional growth is planned. The hospital has seven operating rooms and averages 133 ER visits a day. North Vista has a wound care and hyperbaric medicine center, does diagnostic imaging, offers adult and geriatric behavioral health care, and also does weight loss surgery. The hospital is located at 1409 E. Lake Mead Blvd.


Our third speaker was Judge Kalani Hoo whose courtroom is located in the judicial building at Carey and MLK. Judge Hoo handles mostly civil matters such as protective orders and landlord-tenant disputes. His Community Court program for young adult offenders is almost three years old. Currently 19 people are enrolled. Judge Hoo reviewed for us how our court system is set up in Nevada.


Next to present was Tracey Farage, NLV director of park activities. Planning is currently underway for a large number of park activities in 2017. Tracey outlined many of them for us. There will be a paintball tournament, a patriot fest, and two San Gennaro events. The traveling Vietnam Vet Wall will be visiting Craig Park from May 18 to May 21 in conjunction with Armed Forces Day. A pirates fest event sponsored by Zappos is also being planned. The city is looking for a sponsor for a 25 to 30 foot movie screen. Basketball registration just started. Multiple softball fields are planned for the newly acquired land in the northwest portion of Craig Regional Park. A list of all activities can be found on the website of the city of North Las Vegas.


Our final speaker was Jennifer Doody, Director of Public Work Projects for the city of North Las Vegas. She supervises four departments -- Capital Improvement Projects (road, park and building projects); the Traffic Engineering Division; Infrastructure Maintenance; and Flood Control and Buildings. Jennifer reviewed numerous projects recently completed and currently underway or planned. Flood control work is being done on Ann Rd. from Commerse to Losee. New traffic signals are coming soon for Alexander. Alexander will also be improved from No. 5th to Losee. Work will begin in the next few months up on Revere to extend it to the 215 Northern Beltway. More road improvements are coming for Cheyenne and No. 5th, Cheyenne and Civic Center, and Cheyenne and MLK. The Complete Streets Program is bringing in trail improvements and new bike lanes. North Las Vegas was able to secure more than its fair share of the Fuel Revenue Index funds for road projects over the last 3 years due to the fact that we had planned projects ready to submit to RTC.


Our Alliance goes dark in December. Our first meeting of 2017 will be on January 12th. Happy holidays!


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary


NOVEMBER 10th, 2016

It is cooling down and fall is upon us after a long hot summer and early fall. November will be our last planned Alliance meeting for the year.  As you know we traditionally take a break in July and December because of vacations and holidays.

Our first guest speakers will be Vince Variable, CEO and Susan Olson, Director of Business Development for North Vista Hospital.  We recently had a meeting with them and learned about the many changes they have already done and those on the drawing boards.  It is time our community becomes aware of those changes in medical staff, services and equipment.  It would be a good time for us to share in the energy and excitement being generated at the “new” North Vista Hospital.

As usual we expect Tracey Farage from Parks and Recreation to bring us up to speed on the November and December activities.  Patrick Hinrichs with appraise us of the various library programs that are scheduled through December.  Congressman Hardy’s office will provide us with the meeting and programs planned to the end of the year and into early 2017.

Our second presenter will be Jennifer Doody, Director of the Public Works Department who will cover the major accomplishments for the year, those underway and the expected projects expected in the first part of the New Year.

To close out the evening we expect to have one or more City Council members available to give us accomplishments of the year, highlights of current projects and items of interest that are scheduled for upcoming City Council meetings.

Our November NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations is planned for November 10th at the NLV Aliante Library, from 6-7:30 PM, 2400 Deer Springs.



Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associates and Concerned CitizensO

Our North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held a regular monthly meeting at Aliante Library on September 22, 2016 with about 25 people in attendance.


Our first speaker was Cass Palmer, Director of Neighborhood and Leisure Services in North Las Vegas. He gave many updates. Cass was proud to announce that he was successful in securing some eleven million dollars in BLM monies to purchase three parcels of land. Two parcels are in Craig Ranch Regional Park -- a 5 acre piece of land at Craig and Commerce and about 20 acres in the northwest corner of the park. The land will be used to expand parking and sports opportunities. The third parcel at Commerce and Carey will double the size of the new Kiel Ranch Historic Park. Cass announced that the recent San Gennaro festival at Craig Park was very successful with some 62,000 attending. The Pigs for Kids BBQ event overlapped the Italian festival and was also nicely visited. Gucci, known for leather products, has an entertainment division and is booking the amphitheater at Craig Park for 14 shows next year. They will also sponsor a polo match at the park and will replace damaged grass afterwards. The Veterans and First Responders event at Craig Park had about 2000 visitors and will be an annual September event. About 5 city parks are undergoing improvements and new bridges have been donated for the Aliante Golf course. On October 22nd, there will be a pre-Halloween event at Silver Mesa recreation center.  A looping train is under consideration for Craig Park and the expensive "parquee" at the entrance to the park is now operating. Finally, councilwoman Pamela Goynes-Brown will be hosting a "Reading Rainbow in the  Park" event on Saturday, October 8 from 11am to 3pm at Valley View Park.


Forrest Lewis, NLV Director of Libraries, gave us an update. The libraries are working in partnership with Workforce Connections to offer classes and counseling for those seeking employment. The libraries are offering a program to be used from home or at a library to learn a foreign language. The Friends of the Library will be meeting at Aliante Library on October 18 at 5pm. The Reading Buddies Program for grades K-5 is each Wednesday from 4 to 6pm. Each child is paired with an older student (16 and up) to read with. The library is seeking 10 volunteers age 16 and up. They can contact Shelly Alexander at alexanders@cityofnorthlasvegas.com. A free online tutoring program is now available for students of all ages. It can be accessed at www.nlvd.org (click on Brainfuse Help Now). On October 3 from 1 to 2 pm, there will be a Nevada State Health Insurance Program to assist people on Medicare. Through the end of the year residents can attend workshops to receive assistance on health coverage (call 702-836-9033). Finally, Forrest said a reading data base using comic books directed at appropriate reading levels may be on the way.


Next to speak was John Taing from Congressman Hardy's CD4 office. John works on veteran affairs concerns and can be reached at john.taing@mail.house.gov. The Congressman can assist with military academy nominations. On October 4 from 9am to noon there will be a Census Data Workshop at NLV City Hall (contact shareece.bates@mail.house.gov for details). The fall business series in under way. The October 3 session will be on "doing business with your government". Contact kent.alexander@mail.house.gov for more information on the series.


Jill DeStefano from the Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS) was next up. An earlier fund raising campaign has covered the $20,000 expense for the installation of two kiosks near the entrances to the National Monument. They are awaiting installation of artwork. Signs will be going up to warn visitors of rules to be followed. Illegal shooting remains a problem. Two rangers are now working at the Monument and are housed at the Corn Creek Visitor Center. A recently completed school fund raiser called the Mammoth Penny Push raised $36,000. It involved about one-third of the schools in CCSD. The money will be used for cleaning supplies and educational outreach. There will be another drive later this school year. POTS is seeking a $25,000 county grant to start a "I am a Protector" program (see something, say something) to protect the Monument. The Villages at Tule Springs development is seeking to have a monument entrance in NLV near their homes being built. It may include an eventual educational visitor site. Monument hikes are scheduled for October 1 and November 12. On October 8 there will be an event at the Las Vegas Natural History Museum featuring an student art contest relating to the Ice Age. The Great Outdoors Nevada Day event will be on Saturday, October 15 from 9am to 2pm at Lorenzi Park (getoutdoorsnevadaday.org). At the next POTS meeting on October 25 from 6 pm to 7:30 pm at Sun City Aliante there will be presentations by Monument Superintendent Burpee and the Friends of Sloan Canyon.


On the general election ballot coming up there will be numerous initiatives to be decided. Question 5 is about continuing the Revenue Fuel Tax for 10 years. We had a presentation by James Barrett and Sean Stewart who volunteer for the Fix Our Roads campaign (fixourroadscc.com). The tax started in 2013 and is geared to reflect the rate of inflation. Some one billion dollars in road projects have been completed with the money generated over the first 3 years. If continued for another 10 years, some three billion dollars will be collected for road projects in Clark County. Cities will get to submit lists of priorities and needs to the RTC.


Our final guest speaker was mayor pro tem Isaac Barron. He updated us on numerous activities going on in his ward. On October 5 there will be a special city council meeting about downtown NLV development. Isaac announced that the large vacant Flores commercial property near city hall will be developed. It will contain a movie theater complex and numerous commercial businesses.


Present in our audience were two candidates running for Nevada State Assembly seats. Tyrone Thompson running in District 17 and Daniele Monroe-Moreno in Distric 1 gave brief campaign speeches.


Our Alliance is co-sponsoring a candidate meet and greet event on Wednesday, October 26 from 6 to 9 pm at the Sun City Aliante Community Center. Over 20 candidates running in local to federal races in November that affect residents of NLV will participate. Please try to attend. Mark your calendars and bring along your sample ballot. Learn more about the folks seeking to represent you and your community.


Our next regular monthly Alliance meeting will be on Thursday, November 10 from 6 to 7:30 pm at the Aliante Library.


Finally we would like to thank Thoroughbred Management and its owner Kevin Ruth for supporting our Alliance. They have signed up 20 HOA's they manage in NLV and have paid their dues out of their own pocket. We also thank Mark Stone, their COO, for attending our meetings.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary




The fall activities are starting up after a record high temperature for the Summer I think most of us will appreciate a little cool down period.

 Just a side note the NLV Alliance of Homeowners Associations celebrated its tenth anniversary the night of our August meeting.

Our first speaker is scheduled to be Jill DeStefano. President of Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS). She and some of her members will provide us with an update on upcoming activities for and at our National Monument.   This is the time, weather-wise to visit the site, if you haven’t taken the opportunity in the past.

We will receive a listing of fall activities for Neighborhood and Leisure Services from the Director, Cass Palmer.  More than likely there will be a discussion about the recent grants concerning Kiel Ranch and Craig Ranch and a list of the many activities scheduled for our parks.

Forrest Lewis will fill us in on things happening at the three libraries for the upcoming months.

We will have Patrick Smith from “Fix our Roads” Campaign to tell us about the Fuel Revenue Indexing program and its recent impact on our roads and highways which is Item 5 on the ballot in November. 

It is expected that we will hear from our Congressional District and some of the neighborhood activities by some of our community representatives.

We will close the evening with our newly appointed Mayor Pro-tem, Isaac Barron for overview followed by a question and answer session.

Thursday, September 22nd at the NLV Aliante Library, from 6-7:30 PM, 2400 Deer Springs.



Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associates and Concerned Citizens

Our Alliance group held a monthly meeting on Tuesday, August 23, 2016 at the Aliante Library. About 30 people were in attendance. A summary follows:


Our first speaker was Joan Whitely representing a new organization called "Friends of Nevada State Museum Las Vegas". The group was formed to support the museum by creating interest in the museum, recruiting volunteers, and holding fundraisers. They are now a non-profit 501c-3 organization. Dues are being kept low at $20 for an individual, $25 for a family, and $15 for a student. Anyone paying dues now will be covered for 2017 as well. The group hopes to organize student field trips to the museum and assist with artifact restoration. They meet the third Thursday of each month at 6pm in the museum at Springs Preserve. Their website is www.nsmlv.org.


Next to speak was Kent Alexander, outreach coordinator from Congressman Hardy's office. A summer series related to small business is continuing at NLV city hall every Tuesday. Each seminar is conducted twice, once from 9am to noon and then again from 4pm to 7pm. Once concluded, there will be a new series of seminars for established business owners that will cover topics such as patents, exporting, and government contracts. Congressman Hardy is also planning to hold round tables on topics such as mental illness. Kent can be reached at kent.alexander@mail.house.gov.


Our third speaker was Wayne Gibson, senior manager of real estate projects for Murphy USA. Wayne has been with Murphy for over 36 years. Murphy Oil is a publicly traded company headquartered in Arkansas that has 1351 gas stations in 24 states. They are currently working on opening three new stations in North Las Vegas (Ann and Allen, Craig and Clayton, Losee and Tropical). They will begin operations by Thanksgiving.  Over 1100 of their stations are located at Walmarts and are called Murphy USA. The stations planned for Clark County will be called Murphy Express as they will not be associated with Walmarts. Some 47 new stations are under construction. Expect very competitive prices as they compete in well established markets.


Following Wayne was Tracey Farage, parks director for North Las Vegas. She reviewed upcoming planned activities in some of our parks. San Gennaro Feast will be returning to Craig Ranch park on September 14 and will run for 5 days. Also at Craig Ranch Park there will be an Armed Forces and First Responders Appreciation Day on Saturday, September 10th from 11am to 5:30 pm. There will be free food for armed forces members,vets and first responders. Expect lots of food vendors, live entertainment, and a variety of fun activities. This event will be held annually on the second Saturday of September. On September 24, the Aliante Cares group will hold a free Art in the Park event at Discovery Nature Park. Tracey also said that we will soon hear if our city has received grant money to expand Kiel Ranch Park as well as Craig Ranch Park. Finally, Tracey said the city is in need of four volunteers to coach soccer. She can be reached at faraget@cityofnorthlasvegas.com.


Our fifth speaker was Judge Kalani Hoo of the NLV Justice Court. Judge Hoo oversees a Community Court program that works with 18 to 25 year old young offenders. The young adults get mentoring in completing their education, dressing and talking properly, staying clean, and finding employment. Since February, 2014 18 young adults have graduated from the program and only one has re-offended. The program has thus proved very successful in keeping the offenders out of the criminal justice system. Judge Hoo meets with the enrollees on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month in his court room and is open to the public.


Following Judge Hoo, was Lydia Garrett. Lydia is the president of the North Valley Leadership group that meets the second Saturday of each month at 10am at the Pearson Center. Lydia reviewed her group's current efforts to establish a credit union in North Las Vegas that will assist local residents in home refinancing or getting loans. Small business owners would also stand a better chance of getting loans as well.


Our featured speaker was up next. Bill Leger has been with the city of NLV for just over a year and is an economic development specialist. He has a background as a commercial broker. Bill brought along a large poster board map showing our city and all the areas of current economic development. Up north we will start seeing homes being built in early 2017 at the Villages at Tule Springs and Park Highlands. The projects will have over a three billion dollar economic impact on our community.  To the east of the Villages there are two new zones thanks to recently acquired BLM land. One is a Job Creation Zone and the other is a Medical Job Zone. Our city is trying to attract businesses to those zones so they can begin development. In the Northern Beltway Industrial Park there are some 900 acres being developed for very large distribution complexes. As we all now Faraday Future and Hyperloop One are establishing themselves in the Apex area. Finally our older downtown region along Lake Mead Blvd. has plans for exciting redevelopment as part of the NLV Gateway Project. Bill was very thorough and informative. He fielded many interesting questions from the audience. Bill can be reached at legereb@cityofnorthlasvegas.com.


Wrapping up the evening was Ward 4 NLV Councilman Richard Cherchio. Richard also had a map to show as he discussed progress at the Villages at Tule Springs, the sale of the Combs Pig Farm, Military and First Responder Appreciation Day, Faraday Future and their offices at city hall, and a soon to open new tavern on Commerce near Centennial. We also heard about an upcoming pilot program for NLV that will help with the stray cat population. Cats will be captured in the outdoors, spayed or neutered, given health exams, have their ears clipped and then returned to the area where captured. The feral cat population will hopefully be reduced without an increase in euthanasia.


Our next Alliance meeting is set for 6pm on September 22nd at the Aliante Library. We will also be holding a candidate meet and greet event at Sun City Aliante's Community Center on Wednesday, October 26th from 6 to 9 pm. Finally, looking further ahead, please mark your calendars for a November 10th Alliance meeting at the Aliante Library.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary 


        Summer is coming to an end soon and the students will all be back in school shortly and our last half of Alliance meetings for 2016 is starting this month.
        Our first presentation will be with Joan Whitely, who represents a new group called the Friends of the Nevada State Museum.  She will explain the new role her organization will play to promote the Museum at the Springs Preserve.
         She will be followed by Judge Kalani Hoo, known very well for his Community Court Program, who will tell about a recent graduation of several of our community youth and how some recent grants are going to be utilized.
         Wayne C. Gibson, Murphy USA  will tell us about Murphy USA plans to expand their Murphy Express gas stations and convenience stores from primarily the Southern States into Nevada and other states around the country.  The first one in our area is currently being built at the NW corner of Ann and Allen, here in NLV.  Several others are in the planning stages and we want to welcome them to our community.
          Tracey Farage, from NLV Community and Leisure Service will give us a rundown on events planned at the various parks and recreation areas, including Craig Ranch Regional Park.
         Don Schaefer will bring us up to date on some pending legislation planned for the next session and tell us how we can get more involved in the process.
          Bill Legere, from the NLV Economic and Business Development Department will go over some of the upcoming projects and the status of some of current ongoing projects.
         Richard Cherchio, the Ward 4 City Council Person will provide us with recent decisions and their impact on our city and then will open the meeting up for questions and will provide answers.
         Our August meeting is set for Tuesday, the 23rd at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs just east of Aliante Parkway from 6-7:30 PM.  Looking forward to a big audience.
Bob Mersereau, President
NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

The June 16, 2016 Alliance meeting had about 30 people in attendance with many interesting speakers.

First to present were our principal guests, Officers Aaron Patty and Ann Cavaricci of the NLV Police Department. They serve as Public Information Officers for the department. Aaron and Ann reviewed their job responsibilities. They serve long days on the phone and internet dealing with reporters, news stations and social media. They issue press releases to media and the public related to crime, missing people, and cases where detectives need public support. Both fielded many interesting questions from the audience.


Two candidates were in the audience and spoke briefly. Tyrone Thompson, Assemblyman in District 17, is running for reelection and has been in office since 2013. Daniele Monroe-Moreno is running for Assembly District 1. On Saturday, July 2nd, she along with candidates Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Patricia Spearman, and Tyrone Thompson will be hosting a second annual community picnic at the log cabin in Craig Ranch Park. It is free and will run from 10am to 2pm.

 Peter Guidry of Forgotten Not Gone spoke next about his veterans organization's upcoming activities.

Next to speak was Forrest Lewis, Director of the NLV Library District. The summer reading programs for kids and adults are under way. An educational event on Latino history will be held at the local PBS studios and will include a scholarly discussion. On July 19th the Friends of the Library will be holding its annual meeting at Aliante Library. They are in need of a person to volunteer to serve as treasurer.

Tracey Farage, NLV parks and recreation supervisor, made many announcements of upcoming community activities as well as reviewing recent successful ones. She updated progress on how the Amphitheater at Craig Ranch Park is evolving.  All four city pools are now open for residents to enjoy. The Nature Discovery Park in Aliante will have a picnic during the evening of July 2nd and will be showing the movie Good Dinosaur on August 5th. On July 29th there will be an event for kids and parents at Craig Ranch Park that involves an overnight sleep over in tents in the park. Police and fire will participate. There will be a movie in the evening. Dinner and even a breakfast will be provided. Finally, Tracey announced that Kiel Ranch Historic Park will be having an opening ceremony on Thursday, June 30th. Residents can find details of all these event plus many others on our city's website.

Kent Alexander from Congressman Hardy's office was present to give us an update. The Congressman is currently presenting a summer business series from June 7 to August 30. Every Tuesday there will be an event held at NLV City Hall twice daily to help people learn how to start and develop their own business. Kent can answer questions and be reached at 702-912-1634 or at alexander@mail.house.gov. Kent also mentioned that Congressman Hardy has introduced a resolution that would require a constitutional amendment that balances the federal budget and requires the President to submit to Congress a balanced budget annually.

Finally, we ended the evening with an informative presentation from the group Bring Back Solar. Their deputy political advisor Carolina Chacon presented along with colleague Blake. Carolina reviewed what has happened recently with the solar energy business in Nevada. She mentioned that solar energy for homes can save people money, create jobs, invests in Nevada's future, and helps our local economy grow. Having roof top panels can raise the value of a home. Solar is a clean form of energy and thus results in less pollution. Many groups and businesses have united to help restore the solar industry and are trying to get a referendum item on November's ballot. Carolina and Blake fielded many questions from the audience.

Our Alliance will go dark in July as many folks are out of town during our hottest month of the year. Our next two meetings at Aliante Library are set for Tuesday, August 23rd and Thursday, September 22nd. See you then.

Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

The North Las Vegas Alliance for Home Owners Associations and Concerned Citizens (informally known as the North Las Vegas Alliance or NLVA), a not for profit organization, was created to expedite communication flow between North Las Vegas citizens and home owners associations, the leadership and city departments of the City of North Las Vegas, and developers and service providers within North Las Vegas.

JUNE 16, 2016

With the first half of 2016 about to wrap up we have planned a very interesting and entertaining June meeting.  In the past, we have had the Fire Chief, the PIO from the fire Department, have had the Police Chief and now we are going to have a presentation from the North Vegas Police Department Public Information Office at least one of the department discussing the very serious job.  All of us get a chance to see them on the local television stations and it is a rare opportunity to meet with them and ask questions.  There are great variety of questions and answers and a lot are unique with this type of public service.
As our regular audience know we typically do not offer an Alliance meeting in the months of July and December unless some items might arise which would require a special meeting.  Therefore, since this will be the last Alliance meeting until August we are expecting to a lot of Summer activities information.    As a result will have a greater activity opportunities provided by the Recreation, Parks and  Libraries departments and those in our Congressional District. 
Since  the primary will be over we would expect a couple of successful candidates to stop by our monthly meeting for a few minutes
Our second featured speaker will come from the “Bring Back Solar” campaign.  They are very active in the area trying to restore the solar industry.  We are aware that several of our members have solar, a lot were considering it and would  like the opportunity to make it become a reality for the state.  
We will finish up the first half of 2016 with one or more of our sitting City Council members discussing current projects and the impact of some of the pending items.
The June meeting will start at 6 PM on Thursday, June 16th at the NLV Aliante Library located at 2400 Deer Spring between Aliante Parkway and Clayton.
Bob Mersereau, President
NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

The North Las Vegas Alliance of Concerned Citizens held a monthly meeting on Thursday, May 19 at Aliante Library. A nice sized audience of about 40 were present.
Kent Alexander was first up to give updated news from Congressman Hardy's CD4 office. A summary of future events sponsored by CD4 will soon be posted on our Alliance web site (nlvalliance.com).
Librarian Shelly Alexander spoke on behalf of Library Director Forrest Lewis to give details of both adult and child summer reading programs that are upcoming. The library board of trustees will be meeting on May 24th at 5pm in City Hall. The Friends of the Library group will be holding its annual summer meeting on Tuesday, July 19. They are in need of a volunteer to serve as their treasurer.
Tracey Farage spoke next. She is our city's recreation supervisor and oversees all 36 city parks. She is stationed at Craig Ranch Regional Park. Several hundred people attended last weekend's screening of the Transformers movie at Nature Discovery Park. Next up in the series will be the Avengers movie on June 17 at Craig Park. On May 22nd, the rescheduled Taste and Tunes event will occur at City Hall. She outlined many other future events that will be taking place in our parks and announced that a grand opening of Kiel Ranch (Phase I) will take place sometime in June. Despite some poor weather conditions, the San Gennaro festival went well and about 15,000 attended on its final day.
Lydia Garrett described for us the work that the North Valley Leadership Team does in the southern portion of our city. Lydia's group works in partnership with our Alliance on a number of our activities and we enjoy attending each other's meetings.
Jill DeStefano and Stan Nudelman from the Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS) spoke next.  During April there was a city-wide school drive called "Mammoth Penny Push" that asked students to donate their pocket coins towards helping with the cleanup of our newest National Monument at Tule Springs. Some $35,000 was collected. PBS helped produce a video using students to publicize Tule Springs and educate all of our students about its existence and importance. In June, Superintendent Burpee will be joined by two additional rangers, one for educational purposes and the other in an interpretive role. POTS will be holding its next meeting on Tuesday, May 24th (6pm) at Sun City Aliante. John Burpee will be speaking and there will be a presentation on Gold Butte.
Our last speaker was the honorable Mayor of North Las Vegas, John Lee. Our mayor is nearing the completion of his third year in office and discussed where our city is now, where it has been, and what lies ahead. The pig farm is up for sale and within 3 years it should be totally gone (it is moving to the Apex area). North-south travel corridors are being improved with the recent completion of projects on Simmons St. and No. 5th St. Hyperloop One recently conducted a successful test out at Apex. Their project is creating 60 new jobs and there is a possibility the company may rent one floor of available space at City Hall. Work on the Faraday Future Apex project is continuing. They have removed foliage and should begin grading in June. Boyd Group has made a huge investment in NLV having recently announced the purchase of Aliante Casino and the Cannery on Craig. This week a new balanced city budget was approved. Finally, Mayor Lee announced that he will be running for a second term as mayor. Our audience enjoyed his presentation that was sprinkled with quite a bit of humor. Numerous questions and answers followed. We thank Mayor Lee for his appearance and support of our group.
Our next Alliance meeting at Aliante Library is scheduled for Thursday, June 16th at 6pm. Please note that we are co-sponsoring a free informative Meet and Greet Candidate event on Wednesday, May 25th at Sun City Aliante's community center. It will begin at 6:30 pm and end at 9pm. We expect to have 40 candidates participate. We have only invited candidates whose names will appear on the ballots of NLV residents. Bring your questions and concerns to pose to the candidates, as well as your sample ballot to take some notes. We hope to see you there.
Finally, as our group looks ahead to fall and winter Alliance meetings we would appreciate hearing from you. Are there any suggestions you may have for future presentations? How are we doing? Do you think we need to change in any way? Your thoughts and ideas can be forwarded to me at jalpert8@gmail.com. We appreciate your attendance and support. Thank you. 
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

Copyright © 2016 North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens, All rights reserved.
We send meeting minutes and recaps to concerned citizens that have attended our meetings.

Our mailing address is:
North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens
2400 Deer Springs Way
North Las Vegas, Nv 89084


Our first speaker of the evening was Tom Martens, Lead Code
Enforcement Officer of NLV. Tom discussed the progress of the new
Squatter Task Force which has police, utilities, and code enforcement
working together to combat the house squatter problem in NLV. To date,
many squatters have been removed from vacant homes in a fairly timely
manner and a name data base has been established to track offenders.
Las Vegas and Clark County have shown an interest in the program. Tom
also mentioned that the city's graffiti department has been expanding
and the city's app to report problems (graffiti, trash, lights out,
cars on street, etc.) has been revamped. The app is available on the
Google Play Store. Tom can be reached at martenst@cityofnorthlasvegas.com.

Next to speak was Kent Alexander from Congressman Hardy's office. The 
Congressman recently hosted a round table discussion of Southern 
Nevada transportation issues. Work continues in the development of 
highway I11 that will connect Phoenix to Las Vegas and then up north. 
An inland transportation port near Apex is being considered. The hub 
for trucks and rail would help ease up congestion on freeways. 
Congressman Hardy has introduced an amendment to allow drone testing
in Nevada. Nevada is one of six states that allows drone testing. The 
amendment would allow for testing drones within sight and out of sight 
by remote controls. Kent announced two upcoming programs sponsored by 
the Congressman. On March 29th there will be a Census Data Workshop 
for Grant Writers and on April 23rd there will be a Veterans Care 
Fair. Details can be received by contacting Kent at kent.alexander@mail.house.gov

Our third speaker was Marilyn Kirkpatrick, District B County Commissioner.
The County controls UMC, the airport, and the strip. Marilyn discussed
the work being done on the northern 215 Beltway. A new interchange is
in development at the 215 and Commerce/Revere. It is being built
years ahead of schedule and should be done in about one year. The 215
will eventually be turned over to state control. Marilyn also
discussed the inland port that Kent discussed. Warehouses would be
built and good paying jobs created. The county is looking into ways of
easing traffic congestion on the Strip. There is a long term plan
being considered to build a flyover from the airport to the rear of
the hotels on the Strip. A special improvement district for Maryland
Parkway is also under discussion. Marilyn also said that the
Governor's office has assigned an advocate for vets in Clark County to
help expedite solutions to their concerns. Marilyn talks often with
NLV Councilman Cherchio and Councilwoman Wood and is trying to help
NLV acquire land adjacent to Craig Ranch Regional Park. The
commissioner also discussed details behind the Combs family's decision
to sell their pig farm operation and relocate to the Apex area. Combs'
sons, along with assistance from the county and hotels, will be
developing a new high tech operation up at Apex. Hopefully the
current property will sell soon and then the Combs will have up to
three years to relocate. Down the line the vacated land could be annexed to NLV. Marilyn can be contacted at Marilyn.kirkpatrick@clarkcountynv.gov.

Our fourth speaker was Bob Gronauer, representing the developer of the 
Villages at Tule Springs. Village 3 (south of the 215) work could 
begin soon as three builders (KB, Ryland, and Pardee) have expressed 
interest to build homes there. he developer is covering the 1.5 
million dollar cost of building a road from Deer Springs up to the 
215. Work on the road may start in April. The developer is also 
covering the cost of creating a very large retention basin to handle 
water runoff. One builder may want to build all of Village 4. Bob 
represents both the developer and the Faraday Future project at Apex. 
The two projects with be good for each other. Bob answered numerous questions from the audience.

Forrest Lewis, NLV Director of Libraries, spoke next. The libraries
did receive a $86,500 grant to update computers which will help in
workforce and literacy development programs. Forrest announced that
there will be an Easter egg hunt event at Silver Mesa Recreation
Center on March 26th. On April 22nd at NLV City Hall there will be
Mariachi music and on April 30th there will be Polynesian dancing at
both the Aliante and Alexander Libraries. Forrest can reached at
lewisf@cityofnorthlasvegas.com for details.

Danielle Monroe-Moreno wrapped up our speaker program with a brief 
campaign elevator speech. She is running for Assembly District 1 and 
recently retired as a NLV corrections officer. She has lived in the 
area for 21 years. She would like to see Judge Kalani Hoo's successful 
young adult offender program be expanded state-wide.

Our President, Bob Mersereau, announced that future Alliance meetings 
are scheduled for April 14, May 19, and June 16. Also on May 25th the 
Alliance will be co-sponsoring a candidate meet and greet event at Sun 
City Aliante from 6:30pm to 9pm.

Once again, unfortunately, Jeff Alpert's presentation on the history 
of Kiel Ranch had to be postponed due to the number of speakers we 
had. It will definitely be presented during our next meeting on April 14th.

Submitted by: Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary


MARCH 15, 2016 Agenda

We are getting ready to move full force into the balance of the year.  Been an interesting year to date and we have some of the election procedures behind now.  We have invited Crescent Bay the developer of “The  Villages at Tule Springs”  to come back to visit with us and to give us an update on recent changes and the start of Village 3 and they accepted.  Some of the staff along with Bob Gronauer their attorney, will be available to provide us with the newly approved items, those in the works and information on the “kick off” of a this long awaited project. 

We expect to have some of the candidates attending to make their “elevator speech’s” on why they should be elected or reelected.  Mark your calendar for our annual Candidate “Meet and Greet” which is set for Wednesday, May 25, 2016 at the Community Center of Sun City Aliante from 6:30 to 9:00 PM.

We will have some of the various city departments providing us information on recent activities and upcoming events. We expect some community activities reports on some on-going projects.  Forrest Lewis will provide us with future activities for our libraries.

Congressman Hardy will have folks on hand to give an update on a couple of forthcoming events.

Our next guest will be our newly appointed County Commissioner, Marilyn Kirkpatrick, who among other things will discuss the newly authorized bridge crossing 215 to tie into and connect the area East of Sun City Aliante.  This is the first chance she has had to talk with our group since becoming a County Commissioner and I am sure there will be a lot of questions about many topics.

Those of you that were at our last meeting knew that Cass Palmer discussed the renovation that is going on currently at Kiel Ranch in the South Central part of North Las Vegas.   Jeff Alpert from the Alliance has been working for several months on the history of the ranch and will give us some of the history of the second oldest building still standing in Nevada.  The discussion may continue over several meetings.

Finally we are expecting one or more of our City Council members available for an update on a variety of activities and to answer questions as usual.

Our next meeting is set for Tuesday, March 15th at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs, just east of Aliante Parkway from 6-7:30 PM.  

The North Las Vegas Alliance for Home Owners Associations and Concerned Citizens (informally known as the North Las Vegas Alliance or NLVA), a not for profit organization, was created to expedite communication flow between North Las Vegas citizens and home owners associations, the leadership and city departments of the City of North Las Vegas, and developers and service providers within North Las Vegas. 

Our February 11, 2016 meeting was well attended (close to 40 people) and had numerous speakers. Unfortunately, due to time factors, the history of Kiel Ranch presentation by Jeff Alpert had to be postponed. It will be featured in our meeting in March.

Kent Alexander and Charles Navarro, both from Congressman Hardy's office, spoke about two upcoming town hall events. On February 18 there will be a veterans town hall held at North Las Vegas City Hall from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. The Congressman will be present. Then on Wednesday, March 9 from 5:30pm to 7:30pm there will be a seniors town hall at the Aliante Library. Kent and Charles also fielded questions from our audience.

Judge Catherine Ramsey of our NLV Municipal Court gave a presentation on how our local court system is set up and included statistics for cases filed in our city, comparing it to other jurisdictions. (We will include her statistics either in this summary or on our website, nlvalliance.com) Judge Ramsey did a great job of explaining how misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors, and felony cases are filed in the various courts that exist in our county. Each year the Supreme Court of Nevada reviews the efficiency of all courts in our state. Misdemeanor fines collected by NLV go to support city functions. Judge Ramsey participates in high school education programs. Fines can now be paid online and traffic violators can also take classes online. Our local court also has drug and alcohol counseling available.

Tyrone Thompson, state assemblyman from District 17, was present. He is running for reelection. He announced that there will be a bingo event on February 18 at noon in the Sky View Recreation Center.

Don Schaefer updated us on issues related to our HOA's. He reviewed all the sources of funding received last year to support the salary ($60,000) of lobbyist Garrett Gordon. A grand total of $61,420 was collected.

Forrest Lewis, our NLV director of libraries, spoke of library related activities. On Feb. 17 there will be a workforce preparatory class being offered. On February 20 there will be a book/author event as part of the Nevada Reads program. The library is sponsoring a "1000 Books Before Kindergarten" program with the support of The Friends of the Library. Finally, we are awaiting news from Congress to hear if funding will be coming to NLV to support upgrading the computers at the Alexander and Aliante branches. 

Lydia Garrett of the North Valley Community Development Corporation spoke of the fundraising event her group was putting on at the Pearson Center on February 12. (Bob Mersereau and I attended that event.  About 50 people were in attendance, including Councilwoman Anita Wood and Councilwoman Pamela Goynes-Brown. There was music, food, drink, and a raffle.) Lydia also announced that a new credit union is being created for the southern region of our city. Her group hopes to sponsor a neighborhood cleanup in March. They will also be working on a summer jobs program for kids.

Cass Palmer and Tracey Forage, from the NLV Department of Neighborhood and Leisure Services, reviewed some of the activities going on city-wide. They also discussed the current renovation program at Kiel Ranch Historic Park. The overall project has 5 phases to it and hopefully will open this May or June. Currently trees are being added, as well as tables and restrooms. A parking area will be created.

Finally, we heard from Councilwoman Anita Wood and Councilman Richard Cherchio. The city's new website is up and running. It has new graphics and will be easier to keep updated as departments can now do their own editing. You can check it out at cityofnorthlasvegas.com. There will soon be a groundbreaking at the northwest corner of Craig Rd. and MLK Blvd. for a small hospital. The city is working with the Nevada Highway Patrol in enforcing traffic on the 215 beltway between North 5th and Aliante Parkway after some horrific accidents occurred there recently. Our city is working on attracting new high quality family restaurants in our area.

Please mark your calendar for an upcoming Meet and Greet candidate event that we will be co-sponsoring with Sun City Aliante and North Valley. It will be on May 25 at Sun City Aliante from 6:30 to 9pm. You may also wish to mark your calendars for our next three monthly Alliance meetings at Aliante Library. They will be held on March 15, April 14, and tentatively May 19. All will begin at 6pm.

Our March 15 meeting will include the presentation on the history of Kiel Ranch as well as a special presentation by the folks associated with the Villages of Tule Springs.

 Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held its first meeting of the New Year at Aliante Library on Tuesday, January 12, 2016. A summary of our meeting follows.

First to speak was Forrest Lewis, Director of our NLV libraries. He announced that the library will be conducting an event at the Barrick Museum on the UNLV campus on January 21 to discuss Latino Americans. A new program for serious book readers called "Author Discuss" begins with the book "We Are Called to Rise". It will be discussed on January 30th from 3 to 5pm at the Aliante Library and the author will appear at the Alexander Library on February 20th. Forrest said that basic computer classes are being offered monthly at the city hall library branch. An application has been submitted for a $92,000 state grant to upgrade the library computers. He will also be going after workforce development training grants related to the Faraday Future project.

Next to speak were Jennifer Doody (NLV Director of Public Works) and Michael Hudgeons (NLV Traffic Engineer). They reviewed the progress of ongoing road projects. The second phase of the Simmons project should finish up before the end of March. It experienced a few weeks delay due to the recent rains. New projects are being designed to help straighten and widen portions of Commerce, Gowan, Alexander, and Revere. Another project to work on the sidewalks of Decatur is being proposed. In design is a project to work on Tropical in the area of the 215 and I-15 freeways. A big sewer project will go from our city water treatment facility heading to the north. They also discussed a new interchange that will be done by the county at Revere and the 215 in anticipation of future homes at the Village at Tule Springs. Jennifer and Michael then answered many questions from the audience.

Our next speaker was Kent Alexander, field representative from Congressman Hardy's office. Kent discussed an upcoming "U. S. Citizenship" workshop on January 25th at NLV City Hall from 9 to 11am. There will also be a workshop on January 21st from 10 am to noon at NLV City Hall to help consumers and businesses understand the new chip technology related to our credit cards. For more information, Kent can be reached at kent.alexander@mail.house.gov.

We next heard from Donna Newman, Recreation Coordinator for NLV. She spoke about the Safekey Program which works with students in before and after school programs. They conduct reading and fine art programs as well as good nutrition programs that enforce positive eating habits. Teaming with The Three Square Food Bank, they offer afterschool meals at some 18 elementary schools. They have a budget of some 1.6 million dollars and serve over 4000 kids per week. The program will also let students get involved with growing fruits and vegetables at Craig Regional Ranch Park. Donna also discussed numerous upcoming events at Craig Park.

Following Donna, was Captain Cedric Williams of the NLV Fire Department. Cedric is also the Public Information Officer for the department. He has 23 years of service in NLV and was able to give us a full review of the department and services provided last year. The following is a summary of interesting facts he shared with us:

-- Over 31,000 calls were answered in 2015; about 21,000 of those involved contact with a person; an increase of 6% over 2014

-- The city has 8 stations and one of them has a rescue unit

-- response time after receiving a call was 1 minute 10 seconds to gear up and leave the station and then 5 minutes 50 seconds to arrive on site

-- The fire department operates on about an annual budget of 31 million dollars

-- Fire inspectors now serve under the building department along with the fire marshal

-- In 2015 personnel went through about 36,000 hours of training (averaging 2 hrs./day)

-- NLV partners with all other fire departments in our area and led the recent Riviera Hotel high rise training exercises

-- 6 new fireman were added in 2015 after finishing the academy program and this year 16 new hires are needed

-- Personnel had high and low speed driver training last year out near Red Rock Casino

-- The city has one full time fire investigator

-- NLV has 5 female firefighters

-- There were 210 fires last year in NLV of which 161 were accidental and 49 arson (100% conviction rate)

-- The city conducts an Earthquake Awareness drill at city hall ("Great Shakeout")

-- Over 21,000 toys collected and distributed to kids on firefighter's own time

-- There were four fires during Christmas week

-- the department has 157 members of which 137 work fire suppression; there is one chief, one assistant chief, one Battalion chief and one EMS chief.

-- starting fireman salary is between $50,000 and $60,000.

Captain Williams also fielded numerous questions from the audience.

Finally, Councilman Richard Cherchio talked for a few minutes about the Villages at Tule Springs and the Farady Future project. He also addressed audience questions.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, February 11, 2016 at the Aliante Library at 6pm.

Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary


The Holidays are about over and we are looking forward to a new year.  The way this year is shaping up we may have the start of a “new” North Las Vegas which is long overdue. Faraday Future and the high speed train HyperLoop are getting underway this month.

 Our first presentation will be made by the North Las Vegas Public Works department and Jennifer Doody, who has been appointed the head of the department since she last visited with the Alliance. She will introduce us to Michael “Mike” Hudgeons, our new Traffic Engineer, who replaced Alyssa recently.  They will discuss the projected projects that are nearing completion and the new that have recently started or are coming off the drawing boards.  Our group has always been interested in road projects in NLV that have an impact on our residents.

We expect to have city staff personnel from the Library, Neighborhood and Leisure Services, and perhaps some others.  We are expecting a couple of candidates to tell us why they want to be elected or reelected. In addition, some of our neighborhood groups will provide us input on current and upcoming events.  We also expect a representative from our Congressman’s office.

We expect to have one or more of our City Council members spend a few minutes with us to bring us up to date on what we can expect from the recent developments in our city and other upcoming events .Our January meeting is scheduled for Tuesday the 12th at the Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs, a block east of Aliante Parkway, from 6:00 - 7:30 PM.


Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Association and Concerned Citizens

The following is a brief summary of our November 17, 2015 meeting held at the Aliante Library and attended by about 30 people.

First to speak was Judge Kalani Hoo. He recently held a graduation ceremony for 6 young offenders who successfully completed his Justice Court program. They represented his second graduating class. Thirteen young adults now remain in his program. The program helps the participants learn to dress properly, complete their education, function properly, and get a job. No graduates of the original class have re-offended. The judge announced that his program has received a grant to help it expand.

Second to speak was Shelly Alexander, the librarian at the Aliante Library. In the month of December, Channel 8 is partnering with the library system to carry out a program called "Gr8 Libraries". One participant at each library branch will win a new Kindle. The Winter Reading Program will begin on December 7 and run into early January. It encourages young folks to read over their long winter break. Participants will have a chance to win a Kindle. Shelly announced that the group called "1 Stop Career Center" has partnered with our libraries to conduct workshops related to job skills. They just held its first class which was fully booked. Participants were very happy with the class. More are planned. Finally, Shelly announced that the self check-out systems are being installed now at all three library branches. Looking ahead, our libraries will be closed on Nov. 26, Nov. 27, Dec. 25, and Jan. 1.

Next to speak were Shareece Bates and Kent Alexander from Congressman Hardy's office. Shareece is an outreach representative and Kent is a field representative who just recently relocated to the Congressman's Nevada NLV office from Washington, D.C.  Shareece will be regularly visiting YMCA's next year. Residents can sign-up for a regular newsletter from the Congressman. Shareece can be contacted at shareece.bates@mail.house.gov. Kent said the Congressman had to spend a lot of his time in our capitol getting settled in during his first year in office, but should be more visible in his district next year. He recently held a hearing on small business in NLV at our city hall.

Our final speaker was our featured speaker, John Lee, the mayor of North Las Vegas. The mayor painted the big picture for us about North Las Vegas. We are a very large community with an underlying total value of some 18 billion dollars. So his job is like guiding the helm of a large corporation. Social services are improving and the city owns land located on Lake Mead Blvd. east of the I-15 that is suitable for economic development. Hopefully the 150 acres near the VA that the city recently acquired will lead to medical development and good paying jobs. There is also about 1000 acres near the 215/15 freeway interchange that will be developed. We should soon hear more about possible development at APEX. Republic Services just opened the nation's largest recycling center right here in NLV at Commerce and Cheyenne.  Mayor Lee answered numerous questions from our audience and we thank him for participating in our meeting.
Our Alliance will not have a December meeting. We hope everyone enjoys the holidays. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at the Aliante Library.
Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary


As usual, we are expecting several reports and updates from the city departments, our legislatures and other community activities. In addition, we will have at least one City Council person and perhaps others because of our special guest speaker.

We offered the opportunity to be our key speaker for our November meeting to our Mayor and he accepted. 

We welcome Mayor John Lee and know he will spend some time on the first 2 ½ years of his term and of course on the many things that we can expect in the short term and perhaps some of the items already in place that are planned for the next couple of years.  

The Alliance meeting will take place on Tuesday evening, the 17th at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Deer Springs from 6 to 7:30 PM.

We are looking forward to a very informative evening for our final planned meeting of the NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens for the year. We typically do not schedule meetings in July and December because of many activities that involve our members.      Have a wonderful Holiday Season!!!

Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

The NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held its most recent meeting on October 22, 2015 at the Aliante Library. Some 35 people were in attendance. A summary follows.

Our first speaker was Rick Damian from the city of North Las Vegas. He administers grant money. He reviewed two different loan programs available to residents to handle repairs to their homes. One program has loans up to $10,000 to handle critical repairs such as water leaks, mold, or to replace water heaters. A second program offers loans up to $50,000 to do major home repairs. Both of these programs are based on income eligibility and have features that waive the repayment of the loan if the resident stays in the home for a specific number of years. A third program offers loans to assist people to buy a home and comes with specific requirements. Rick also discussed the City's Blight Removal Program using Demolition Neighborhood Stabilization funds. So far 5 homes have been destroyed. Homes are being torn down at the rate of about one per month.

Our second speaker was Shareece Bates from Congressman Hardy's office. The Congressman will be conducting field hearings for small businesses (under 500 employees) concerning regulations and oversight. The hearings will be held on Friday, November 6th in the NLV city hall council chambers. For more information you may contact Shareece at shareece.bates@mail.house.gov.

The folks from Forgotten Not Gone visited us again along with one of their special vehicles. Their group works with veteran welfare and tries to assist in suicide prevention. Their organization will be participating in a Veteran's Day Parade in downtown Las Vegas. They are hoping to gather 100 veterans, 8 cars, and 16 bikes to participate. After the parade they will be holding a fundraising BBQ ($22) at their headquarters on Clayton, just north of Cheyenne. You can see their flyer on our website nlvalliance.com as well as other items of interest.

Next to speak was Danielle Monroe-Moreno who is running for Marilyn Kirkpatrick's former State Assembly seat (District 1). Danielle has served in our police department for over 20 years and is a corrections officer. She also was present to announce that Judge Kalani Hoo will be holding another graduation ceremony for enrollees in his Community Courts Program. It will be on Nov. 10th at 11:30am in the Justice Court at the northeast corner of Carey and MLK. Young offenders (18 to 25 years of age  )of minor crimes complete a one year course. They earn a high school diploma or GED, get job training and life skills, and learn how to properly speak and dress. The program is supported by many groups and volunteers. Once a student successfully graduates, their offense is removed from their record.

Next to speak were our primary guests. We invited Jill DeStefano, President of the Protectors of Tule Springs (POTS), as well as Jonathon Burpee, the newly appointed permanent superintendent of the Tule Springs National Monument. Jon has 20 years of service behind him with the National Park Service. His focus will be to preserve all the ice age fossils in the park forever while allowing the public to share in their beauty and educational value. In 2003 some 36 holes were dug to allow for the installation of power poles. In doing so, some 10,000 fossil were recovered and moved to San Bernandino, CA for storage. Last June, Jill was able to return those fossils to the Nevada State Museum at the Springs Preserve. The BLM also removed over 90,000 additional fossils which are still in San Bernardino. Jill and Jon will work together to help the new Monument get properly organized. POTS will be presenting Jon with a $20,000 check next week at Sun City Aliante (Oct. 27th at 6pm in the community center building) to be used for the building of two kiosks at entrances to the Monument. Two rangers will hopefully be hired soon. One will do educational programs in the schools. They other will work with POTS to train volunteer stewards and arrange for clean-up activities. Surveys are being done to map the park's vast irregular boundaries. Jill  and Jon's enthusiasm was very uplifting and they answered numerous audience questions.

Finally, we were honored to have 3 of our NLV city council people. Isaac Barron announced he will be soon holding two town hall meetings in Ward 1. The first on Nov. 10 at 6pm at the Boys and Girls Club on Carey near Fire Station 51. The other on Dec. 3rd at 6pm at Dickens Elementary School. He also discussed his desire to have the city organize a small business academy to assist women of color learn about business. Pamela Goynes-Brown discussed activities in Ward 2. The Craig Regional Park amphitheater is now up and running. She reviewed how the Choice Neighborhood Grant program is doing. Over 1000 resident surveys have been completed. The city will be competing for some $30,000,000 in federal money to work on redeveloping some older areas of NLV. A new McDonald's has opened on Cheyenne just west of Losee. The restoration of Kiel Ranch is underway. Republic Recycling will conduct a grand opening ceremony on Nov. 12th at 11am for their new facility on Cheyenne and Commerce. Finally, the Huanghai Trade Center has been approved for the northeast corner of Cheyenne and Commerce. The project will be enormous and will include a 120 room hotel, gas station, sit-down dining and many buildings housing vendors from overseas. After one year to improve the soil and clear the land, the 3 to 5 year building project will commence. Councilman Richard Cherchio from Ward 4 works with the Volunteers in Police Services and announced that 10 more candidates just graduated, bringing their numbers to 30. The next academy class will commence in April of 2016. He also mentioned that folks got to see the 1998 pink fire engine at City Hall on Oct. 20th. It is a decommissioned fire department vehicle and will be used to promote breast cancer awareness activities. It wa painted pink at no cost to our city.

Our Alliance will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, November 17 at 6pm at the Aliante Library on Deer Springs. Our featured speaker will be none other than our distinguished mayor, John Lee. We hope you can attend. You may always go to our website(nlvalliance.com) to read our announcements.

Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary                                                                                               

    OCTOBER 22, 2015

Our October meeting will feature a very special presentation on our Tule Springs National Monument.  Our guest speakers will be Jill DeStefano, the President of the Protectors Of Tule Springs (POTS) along with the recently appointed Superintendent of the Tule Spring National Monument, Jonathan Burpee.  We certainly want to give Jon a big welcome to North Las Vegas.   They are going to bring us up to date with recent happenings, current plans and ideas and upcoming events.  We expect that we will hear about the planned Kiosk and the sculptures available.  The appointment of a superintendent is a major milestone in the future of the Monument.

As usual we will have the status of several of our city departments such as the library and Neighborhood and Leisure Service, including the recent opening of the Amphitheater at Craig Ranch Regional Park and upcoming events.  We also are expecting an update on the other events in the city.

Our guest City Council person will be Isaac Barron, our Ward One City Councilman.

The North Las Vegas Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held its September 15th meeting at Aliante Library. Some 30 folks were in attendance, including Mayor John Lee. A summary follows.

 First to present was Cass Palmer, Director of Neighborhood and Leisure Services in NLV. Craig Ranch Park's new amphitheater will have its grand opening on October 9th. Doors will open at 6pm and the group Yesterday (A Beatles Tribute band) will perform at 8pm. General admission will be $5 and reserved seating $10. Future performance tickets will vary in price. War will perform on Oct. 10th, Sammy Kershaw on Oct. 23rd, and comedian Paul Rodriguez on Oct. 24th.  Tickets are available at craigranch.yapsody.com. Next March an inaugural season of performances will kick off, offering a wide variety of entertainment.

Next to speak was Tom Marten, Lead Code Enforcement Officer of NLV. Tom gave a nice power point presentation on all the types of code violations that his staff deals with in NLV. Numerous slides were used to demonstrate the wide variety of violations that the city responds to. They include trash, open garbage receptacles, graffiti, weeds, blocked sidewalks, inoperable cars, and dumped litter. Tom discussed and demonstrated the new city app now available to report code problems.

Forrest Lewis, NLV Director of Libraries, updated us on Library activities. September is library card sign-up month. He discussed the new "1000 books before Kindergarten" program. Studies show that the more books that are read to children prior to kindergarten, the better their rate of success in their school career. The library will be offering classes on digital media. The next meeting of the Friends of the Library will be on Oct. 20th. The library Board of Trustees next meeting is Sept. 22nd. There will be a presentation on the 5 year strategic plan for the libraries.

Shareece Bates, from Congressman Hardy's office, spoke about all the types of services available through their district office located in NLV City Hall. They are open 5 days per week, including Fridays. Hopefully, the Congressman will be organizing town hall meetings early next year.

Our feature speaker was Mark Klein. He did a presentation on the Volunteers in Police Services. The group of about 20 volunteers are trained to support the NLV Police Department. They only are involved with non-confrontational duties, such as neighborhood patrols, handicap parking violations, park patrols, and traffic control at accident sites. A new academy class will begin in October. Cadets go through 40 hours of classes. Once out on patrol, they put in 16 hours per month and must attend a one hour training class per month. Uniforms and radios are provided by the city. Applicants must pass a background check, be 21 years of age, and have a valid drivers license.

Our final speaker was Richard Cherchio, the newly seated councilman of Ward 4. Richard strongly believes in the role a councilperson plays in supporting his constituents. He will soon be doing an email newsletter. He gave an update on the Villages at Tule Springs and discussed a new adopt a school program. An office for Veteran resources is in the works to be located on Aliante Parkway near the 215. He answered numerous questions and announced that newly appointed county commissioner Marilyn Kirkpatrick will be conducting a meeting at Silver Mesa on Sept. 26th.

Our Alliance is supported by dues from HOA's and Management Companies, as well as voluntary contributions from individuals. Interested parties can contact Jeff Alpert at jalpert8@gmail.com to find out how they or their HOA can help support our organization.

We thank all of our speakers for their time and presentations. Our next meeting will be on Thursday, October 22nd.

Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary

Our upcoming NLV Alliance meeting is set for Tuesday the 15th of September at the NLV Aliante Library, 2400 Dear Springs a block East of Aliante Parkway, from 6-7:30 PM.

Mark Klein will speak on the history of the “Volunteers in Police Services” (VIPS) program that supports our NLV Police Department.   He will discuss the volunteer recruitment program for “Citizens Patrol”. Councilman Cherchio helped create this program.

Tom Martens, the Lead Code Enforcement Officer for North Las Vegas, will discuss the newly created City of North Las Vegas Smartphone “Mobil App” that now allows residents to report code enforcement violations such as graffiti, weeds & litter, abandoned shopping carts and burned out street lights directly to the city using GPS Data.

We will have presentations by staff members of the libraries and the parks  covering recent and upcoming events.

It has been a while since we have had several of the key members from Congressional District 4 Staff, so we have asked Shareece Bates,  our regular representative to bring a couple of specialists to discuss services available to NLV residents as well as upcoming events and activities.

We will close out the evening with our City Council guest, Richard Cherchio.   We had planned on having Richard last month but he was out of town on city business.  He will discuss some past items of interest and will give us an idea of pending items and their status and as usual will field question from our attendees.


Bob Mersereau, President

NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens

The Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens held its most recent meeting on August 11, 2015 at the Aliante Library with some 35 people in attendance.

Our first speaker was the new police chief of North Las Vegas, Alex Perez. Chief Perez reviewed his background, growing up in North Las Vegas. He worked his way up the ranks over the past 24 years to become chief. The chief's priorities for his force are to build trust, improve communication, and to work with the communities. The recent graduating class of the Hispanic Citizens Academy had 28 students. At its peak, the police force had a total strength of about 340 and now stands at 252. Ten new graduates were recently added to the force. Chief Perez stressed that he will be available to individuals and groups within North Las Vegas.

Next, Forrest Lewis, the Director of North Las Vegas libraries, gave us an update of library activities. On August 26th at 5pm (at City Hall) the libraries will kick off a program looking at 500 years of Latino History. A UNLV History professor will be speaking. New computers have been installed at the city hall branch of the library system thanks to a grant from NV Energy. September is national library card sign up month. In October, the libraries will be offering classes in basic computer skills as well as job skills. Coming to the libraries soon will be the installation of security gates and self check-out machines which will greatly help free up library staff time.

Next presenting where Lorena Candelario, Rick Damien, and Jim Haye from the City of North Las Vegas. They reviewed their duties and responsibilities they have in carrying out vital city programs and business. Real Property Services handles easement and securing right-of-way for city projects (NLV encompasses 100 square miles). They manage over 500 city-owned properties. They process all maps related to subdivisions, handle annexations, and oversee special improvement districts. The department also works on capital improvement projects and sees that all relevant federal guidelines are met. Next they discussed the duties of Neighborhood Services, which oversees the Community Development Block Grant, 15% of which is set aside to deal with homelessness, youth, and social services. Funds are used to end blight, assist with home purchases, and assist with home rehabilitation projects. Jim Haye reviewed the history and progress of the Choice Neighborhood Initiative which is using $485,000 from HUD for planning to work on projects for Rose Gardens and Buena Vista Springs. The big prize would be winning some 30 million dollars in federal money to bring those projects to a reality. 

Dave Thomas gave us a quick update on the Judge Catherine Ramsey Recall effort. The Nevada Supreme Court will begin hearing the case on October 5th which puts everything on hold for now. If the hearing is brief and the court allows the recall election to take place, the earliest that could occur would be late November.

Shareece Bates, from Congressman Hardy's office gave a brief update. The Congressman is currently in Israel. He recently met with businesses in Aliante and Centennial Hills.

Finally, we had a nice presentation from the folks associated with the veterans group Forgotten Not Gone. They are a non-profit group founded by Kelley and Peter Guidry that works to improve the lives of vets. They focus on suicide prevention (22 vets commit suicide every day) and veteran health issues.  They help bring vets out of isolation. They give them opportunities to talk, get off meds, and deal with depression. Peter and Kelley brought along their creative bikes that they use in their work with the vets. Their goal is to eventually open a Complete Wellness Center. There will be a Nov. 11 Veterans Day parade in Downtown LV starting at 10am.

 We thank all of our speakers as well as Las Vegas Councilman Steve Ross and North Las Vegas mayor pro-tem Pamela Goynes-Brown for attending our meeting. The Alliance's next meeting will be Tuesday, September 15th at 6pm at the Aliante Library.

Submitted by:  Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary/Treasurer

On Tuesday, June 23, 2015 the NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens had its monthly meeting at the Aliante Library. Some 45-plus people were in attendance.

Our first speaker was Cass Palmer, NLV Director of Parks and Leisure Services. Four swimming pools are now open and functional in NLV. The new Amphitheater at Craig Regional Park is near completion and will begin operating in October. The venue will handle up to 5,000 attendees if needed. Folks attending events can bring blankets or chairs. Negotiations are under way for booking performers. Prices will be kept reasonable. Parking issues are being reviewed as well as park camera surveillance.

Don Schaefer spoke next about recently signed legislation relating to HOA's. He supplied a list of some 10 successful pieces approved and signed by the Governor. Don continues encouraging residents and HOA's to support his "Dollar per Door" program to raise money to fund the salary of a lobbyist to back pro-HOA issues. So far the campaign has raised close to $40,000 of the needed $60,000.

Our featured presentation was given by Bob Gronauer who represents the new housing development in NLV called The Villages at Tule Springs. A brief introduction was given by Geoff Beer, the developer representing Crescent Bay Holdings of Scottsdale, Arizona. The owners have had the property (east of Aliante) over 3 years and the project is well funded, with no debt. Dirt will move late next year. Bob brought numerous diagrams illustrating the four proposed villages and all of its amenities. He discussed streets, schools, churches, a police facility and the numerous parks within the Villages. Density has been reduced and open spaces increased when compared to the proposal of the former property owner. One of the villages will be an active adult community, high-end in nature. Land is being set aside for a gaming facility. Numerous wide trails and some 374 acres of open space are included in the proposal. There will be commercial support areas. It is estimated that the project will have over a 3 billion dollar impact to NLV over its 15 year build-out. Home prices will range from the low 200,000's to close to $600,000 for custom homes on large lots near the Tule Springs National Monument. Bob answered numerous questions from the audience.

Sandra Morgan, our city attorney, spoke briefly about the project and how the city worked closely with the developer.

Lydia Garrett from the North Valley Development Corporation gave a brief update about the HUD grant to revitalize portions of NLV.

Our next speaker was Dave Thomas of the Recall Judge Catherine Ramsey campaign. He reviewed how signatures needed for the recall were gathered, turned in on time, and approved by the proper officials. As expected, Judge Ramsey is fighting the recall in court. Hearings are in progress on her two causes of action. One judge will rule soon on both. It is possible the case could go before the Nevada Supreme Court. If the recall goes through, a special election would be held some 40 days after given final approval.

Next to speak was Sandy Croteau, vice-president of the Protectors of Tule Springs.  The new legislation that passed to create the Tule Springs Monument now protects some 23,650 acres just to our north. A permanent superintendent may soon be announced. Her group recently conducted a one day cleanup at the corner of Aliante Parkway and Horse. There is also a fund raising campaign going on to collect $20,000 to construct a visitor kiosk at that same intersection. A special event (with a big secret surprise announcement) will be held on July 18th from 2 to 4pm at the State Museum within the Springs Preserve.

Wrapping up our meeting were city council members Anita Wood and Isaac Barron. They discussed items of interest to the audience and gave us updates on various city projects.

Our group will not be meeting in July. Our next meeting will be on Tuesday, August 11th at 6pm at the Aliante Library on Deer Springs.

Submitted by Jeff Alpert

NLV Alliance Secretary/Treasurer

The NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens met yesterday evening on May 19, 2015. A summary follows.

 Our primary speaker was Richard Carreon, a retired 14-year veteran. Richard's presentation focused on how voters can interact with their elected officials. Are the interests of communities being addressed by our office holders? Lines of communication must be kept open and be used for the benefit of all our citizens. Priorities need to be identified and our representatives need to be held accountable. Officials need to be visible, establish a community-oriented voting record, and offer referrals and help to their constituents. The audience asked numerous questions of Richard which lead to interesting dialogue.

Next up was Shareece Bates from Congressman Hardy's office. As an outreach representative, she helps folks with federal agency issues. She directs them in the right direction to seek assistance. There will be a Vet Care event on Friday, June 5th from 9am to 4pm at NLV City Hall. It is for vets, family and friends. They can obtain relevant information and learn of resources available. It will be held outdoors and free food and beverages will be offered. At the end of May, Congressman Hardy will be going on a rural tour of his district. He also looks forward to holding town hall meetings in NLV.

Dave Thomas addressed progress in the campaign to recall Judge Catherine Ramsey. Enough signatures have been obtained and the petitions will soon be filed. He anticipates the judge will challenge the recall. The campaign has a lawyer lined up to deal with the challenge. If her challenge fails, a special election for her recall will be held within 40 days.

Our fourth speaker was Don Schaefer of Sun City Aliante. He addressed the current status of numerous pieces of legislation related to HOA's that are being discussed in Carson City. He discussed the good and bad points of many of them. Don will return and discuss the final outcomes of these items at our June meeting.

Librarian Shelly Alexander wrapped up our meeting with a presentation on the upcoming summer library reading programs. Last summer's children's program was very successful and will continue this summer. An adult reading program will join it. They will run from June 3rd to July 31st. Prizes will be awarded. The library will also be sponsoring a 6-week health program that will address common diseases and give advice to caregivers as well. Finally, Buddy Bookworm, the library's new mascot, is available for appearances within our community.

Marisa Kagan (Aliante Cares) was unable to attend the meeting, but she did drop of numerous artist drawings of the new businesses that will be built across the street from Aliante Library. A new Creative Kids facility and a Dairy Queen will be the newest occupants in the development at the corner of Deer Springs and Aliante Parkway.

The Alliance's next meeting will be on June 23rd from 6 to 7:30pm at the Aliante Library. We will go dark for the month of July and will return on August 11th.


Submitted by Jeff Alpert, Alliance Secretary/Treasurerre.


28 NOVEMBER  2017


The November Alliance meeting is our last “scheduled” meeting for the year, because we typically forgo July and December.


One of our featured speakers this month will be Tera Anderson, one of our City of North Las Vegas Economic Development Officers who will

bring us up to date with the status of recent projects, those in process currently and those upcoming projects on the “drawing boards”.


As usual we are expecting updates both from our North Las Vegas Library staff and the  Neighborhood and Leisure Services,

probably better known to our city as “Parks and Recreation”.   There may be one or more presentations from another city department,

or some comments from one of our local businesses with an update.


Our next featured speaker will Captain Cedric Williams, who is the NLV Fire Department Public Information Officer,

who will introduce our new Fire Chief, Joe Calhoun. 


Finally, we will close out the year with our Ward 3 City Councilman, Scott Black,

  who will provide us an update on recent projects and their status. 

In addition, we expect him to appraise us about items of interest to our group that are forthcoming.


Our November meeting will be, Tuesday the 28th, from 6 to about 7:40PM at the NLV Aliante Library 2400 Deer Springs Way.




                 Bob Mersereau,   President

                 NLV Alliance of Homeowner Associations and Concerned Citizens